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Author Topic: Rosecroft comments for Tuesday May 14th  (Read 687 times)
3 wide and wingin

« on: May 12, 2013, 09:09:49 PM »

Race 1
7. ajs poppop- pretty nice mile from the 9 hole last week
8. cedar hall boy- tough post but a good young aggressive driver
5. sometimes regrets- not a lot of speed but should be contending
2. top doc- new to the oglesby barn which has been good this year, the beav
4. a living legend- named after captain flannel, double A
6. linganore- my favorite horse in the world, I like more when jv drives
1. yogi hanover- banked almost $37,000 last year, needs to show a little more
3. captian jack- ladanian

Race 2
1. lets go blue- impeded last week, temming barn yet to catch fire at RCR, risky
7. hillbilly mtn breeze- also risky is a breaker and a shaker
4. tomado island n- trainer opted to take leading driver off or would be on top
8. friskie l- tough post and not a lot of speed
3. intimidator three- the hero, may better rating
5. starcroft sarge- picks up milby
2. monster dragon- will flash speed?
6. gold comet- weck

Race 3
8. matrix hall- closing for for Stafford
7. tn stabuck- E.T. barn suddenly on fire, won last 2 weeks
4. third mortgage- speed, not beavers pick but j rob good on front end
6. Ibanez- top 4 all close here, any of them can win
3. bet it all- the beavs pick
5. oooh my soul- winner a couple of weeks ago and seem to be improving
1. the prisoner- rail and not much speed
9. johnhannibalsmith- likes to hit the ticket but is a tough post and aggressive?
2. stylish image- blew up the board last week

Race 4
7. beau joe- no pekoe fashion this week, franks choice
6. stargazer lilly- my moms favorite horse, always good and competitive here
5. studio city- scratch sick a concern
3. shanghai jack- been very good this meet in lower classes, tough post last week
2. sound the belle- CCs dad is driving
4. dusty diamond- so so 4th last week
1. ideal revenue- if gets to the top can better rating

Race 5
6. firecracker freddy- banked a lot of $ in 2012, using frank tells me they are in to go
7. instant refund- month off and hes a long way from Canada, contender still
1. west coast breeze- the streak is over, this one has a chance, top 3 in here superior to rest
2. laag in stock- jump horses have been good, $1,600 purchase at the chicks sale
3. millers bird- aggressive?
4. conquer thepassion- nock nock , 0-45
8. hot roddin- tough post and not a lot to like so far
5. Chepachet- Weck

Race 6
6. Pegasus man- dropping,sometimes some speed, probably overbet
5. sassy Shirley- nock nock, horse has 3 of trainers 4 wins
9. aren't I hanover- another scratch sick from wagner barn, how did the other scratch sick do?
4. sjs warrior- old guy hits the ticket more often from inside 4 posts
8. Xiao wang- perfect trip as the favorite last week and came up empty
2. fairway to play- lots of concern in the program, if right and flashing speed might surprise
7. party my way- clyde in the bike
1. caviar royale- nice to see Mr. Carter back at the croft
3. spinning for gold- spinning for aluminum

Race 7
6. lesters wester- chester wasn't to great, post relief and mr carter always has the answers
3. gold star smoking- jvs dads choice
1. your best bet- temming stock will turn it on the last 6 nights of racing?
5. irock hanover- contender
8. hare force one- likes to hit the ticket, moving outside
2. big city joe- seems to lack the speed
7. messengers legacy- the green machine
4. fox valley curahee- Stafford this week

Race 8
5. pass the fortune- j robs pick
4. blissful silence- pretty consistant here and has back class
3. I told gordy- gets a win one of these weeks
1. tidewater titan- B squared still batting over .400 as a driver and a trainer
8. poker champs- top choice of trackmaster PP
6. brighton bay one- milby for clyde
7. handsome hussy- E.T. stable been on fire, beware
2. red eye whiskey- class hike, some speed and an inside post, may better rating
9. dual master n- missed a month, ok qualifier, tough post

Race 9
6. shady breeze- 3-1 and ill bet it all, 6-5 would be a gift, 3-5  or lower likely
1. big town hero- horse of the meet so far
3. caviart tyler- super duper sharp right now
7. varsity hanover- has won a lot of races here, 0-12 in 2012, draws outside the 6
2. warning zone- has won a lot of money over the years
5. lislea pat-  scratch lame in PA is a concern
4. yankee fortysix- big time class hike

Race 10
6. game day- wagner horse without a scratch lame or sick
2. last outlaw- super sharp, inside and not a lot of speed
5. whitesand hooligan- how were the other E.T. horses tonight?
8. camstock lode- interesting, closer in a field of closers and a bad post
4. anotherbugga- winner here a month ago, not so good in philly
9. mcknows- couple nice miles from the 1 hole, 9 post this week
3. sos mackenna- j rob
1. art simpson- could better rating if flashing speed
7. western legend- so so philly form

Race 11
4. shanzai- is my pick in this weeks match race with the 6
6. mister love- take the one that offers better odds between the 4 and 6
5. rainbow power- gray
1. hurry up and wait- gets post relief after two straight 9 posts
2. bettors jackpot- maybe third
3. call it a night- scratch injured a concern
9. van the man- winner last week, tough post
8. add a little magic- tough spot
7. hillbilly romeo- doesn't seem fast enough

Race 12
4. Talbot redneck- dropping, jvs dad took over michaels dream
7. gold like u- winner last week
2. michaels dream- driver change from jvs dad to jv
3. nine twenty two- very interesting frank picks this over the eight
1. tune me out- mr carter will be going all out im sure
9. desmet- tough spot
8. golly me- winner last week, j rob this week
5. winsmith art- winning wayne long
6. nightmare affair- big class hike

Race 13
8. trophy hunter- always a contender in this class, lines up behind the 4?
4. el cummanchero- also always good in this class
5. mimis tyler- also usually good here
1. major secret- contender
7. dj wonder- don't get a lot of Pocono shippers
2. three large- inside and some speed
9. funky cole medina- beat me last week
6. Midwest hanover- not the best of form
3. kellys spur- scratch sick last time out
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Full Member
Posts: 193

« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2013, 02:50:10 PM »

Race 11 will 3.40 exacta...


Like the spot for Blissful Silence..
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Full Member
Posts: 223

« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2013, 09:29:27 AM »

« Last Edit: May 15, 2013, 09:47:46 AM by Croft » Report to moderator   Logged
3 wide and wingin

« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2013, 03:49:31 PM »


.50  four horse box in the 10th costs 12 dollars pays 1400.

Super pays 670 for 10 cents.

Same horses.

That's me trying to lead Croft wrong.

Box the super.

It wont cut me.
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3 wide and wingin

« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2013, 04:10:58 PM »


Did you throw in the 4?

it was a signer for .10 cents

I am tired if you and your comments.

I had the 4.
Well the 4 was 20-1

I banked over 1000$ in the last 2 racing days.
With RCR sad pools.

2 days Rosecroft.

Made money for this and last meet.

I made it up only I posted it on the internet.
Well idiot?
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Hero Member
Posts: 11948

have fun win money

« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2013, 04:25:27 PM »

firecracker freddy looked good  googa trainer
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may the horse be with you
3 wide and wingin

« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2013, 04:29:24 PM »

6. game day- wagner horse without a scratch lame or sick
2. last outlaw- super sharp, inside and not a lot of speed
5. whitesand hooligan- how were the other E.T. horses tonight?
8. camstock lode- interesting, closer in a field of closers and a bad post
4. anotherbugga- winner here a month ago, not so good in philly

That's not a box

Its made up.

Did you box them?

5-8-2 $1394

Does Croft think I am losing?

Banked 300$ plus on sat.


Does Croft read a program?
Is he for real?
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3 wide and wingin

« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2013, 04:32:28 PM »

firecracker freddy looked good  googa trainer

Could never lose.

They put Frank up because they were in to win.

I put picks up so croft can make fun of pools.

Shady breeze could never ever lose.

4.20$ make some money
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