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Author Topic: Rosecroft comments for Saturday Dec 15th  (Read 313 times)
3 wide and wingin

« on: December 15, 2012, 12:22:41 AM »

Race 1
4. ginetics- been close lately
3. revenue eyecatcher- the warden and a trotter
2. caviar mist-  bier  
6. lovey dovey- qualifier hints of maybe having more
1. westgate vicki- the murphinator
5. solo calibur- break and distanced last week
7. dole patrol- not alot to go on but you get the leading driver

Race 2
2. beyond perfection- i dont do best bets but if i did...
4. ms america- seems to always do her best with jvs dad drivig
1. aptly skilled- lack of speed an issue from the 1 hole here, but is a contender for the ticket
3. heavenly helen- disregard the 9 hole start
8. twenty six karma- the chief
5. dance queen- jackie
7. ms ed- tough luck lately
6. leah- lots of red flags here
9. cohendoleeza- another bad post

Race 3
3. scarlet pandemic- picks up the services of the leading driver this week
6. mcwizrd mcoz- been very strong here this fall
5. steppin hanover- reunited with corey
2. totaly silk- lacks speed but will grind
1. furious franny- bier for clyde
7. rocks n bagels- winner last week but no wagner this week
8. dvc freewaytofame- 74 year old driver has some gate speed
9. goldstar legend- bad post
4. powerful storm- another closer

Race 4
5. devilicious- gave it up last week, should be tighter this week
4. super chuck- major contender
3. king rova- some speed and braden
6. buck id- weck
2. yay me- A JASON KURTZ (P)
1. beautiful legacy- jackie

Race 5
5. pegasus man- broke and burnt alot of money last week, hope to get some odds this week with braden
7. take charge guy- the warden and a trotter
3. corky duke- aggressive?
6. longfellow- bier
8. whitesville jack- bad post but has some speed
2. broken vow- weck
4. dnjs merry dancer- gray
1. stylish image- jv
9. candis velvet- the murphinator

Race 6
6. sonomas best- jv is an aggressive driver who i like his first time on a horse
3. yankees last dance- bier has to be here for a reason
1. sparkle black- aggressive?
5. miss kingston- linda macdonald
2. a dandy strike- made 140$ in 5 starts
4. pickleonapencil- got 2nd last week

Race 7
3. act out hanover- milby and some value? i hope so
6. ooh my soul- 2nd last few weeks
1. shenandoah tomcat- the warden and a trotter
7. be the best- jackie off back to back wins
5. red oaks rainbow-  bier
2. the prisoner- winning wayne long
4. spinning for gold- jvs dads turn to drive
8. crown time hooray- mean gene long
9. klondike mike- a different murphinator?

Race 8
1. third mortgage- winner last week
5. caponi- braden
3. xiao wang- jv picked the 1
4. yarbourough hanover- gray
7. rising on sunday- bier
6. big tejano- second last week after a break
2. thunder hearth- probably needs  start

Race 9
4. rules little man- acted up last start here, decent qual at philly
2. lts captian- put in a big mile last time out and may be better this time
5. johnhannibalsmith- aggressive?
3. vinegar hill- jvs dad
1. sassy shirley- franks been the miracle worker on her lately

Race 10
5. rocket rosy- philly mile hints at a return to form after a month off
3. raquel- big time contender
2. jk cameo- braden in the bike
4. ges alex- has had a nice meet
1. la shark hanover- in a tough group again, but last week is better than appears

Race 11
3. house on fire- milby
2. baby blaze- main threat to top rated
5. memorys choice- aggressive? race on tuesday was big
4. the bronx bumper- jv for wagner
1. tn starbuck- moving up
6. fairway to play- not milbys pick

Race 12
4. carolina girl- definately needed last week
6. shewolf- winning wayne long
7. fool for a smile- braden
3. jeanies fortune- strictly a closer
1. best card- new trainer and driver?
5. little miss woohoo- i will no longer ever pick higher than 6th, regardless
8. notnothingbutu- moving up
2. a mean hurricane- double A
9. bettor thoughts- tough spot
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