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Author Topic: Rosecroft comments for Tue Dec. 11th  (Read 905 times)
3 wide and wingin

« on: December 10, 2012, 10:40:26 PM »

Race 1
3. rock n victory- getting better
4. add a little magic- major contender
6. rocken roll em- oates?
5. rahab- i had to goto rahab
1. thru n thru- aggressive?
2. mcariat- hasnt shown much yet

Race 2
2. rainbow power- jvs dads choice
3. horsey b- continues in good form for the green lantern
6. red eye whiskey-  leading driver for the macho man
5. ace laxmont- winner last week
1. tidewater titan- respect B squared, one post isnt that great at RCR especially when lacking speed
4. this dragonflyzzz-  aggressive?

Race 3
1. sos mackenna- leading drivers choice
4. desmet- some post relief and some good times
8. da vinci- jv getting hot again? temming still leading trainer
5. hare force one- 9 hole last week
9. paulimony- post hurts but wagner back this week
6. bts onamon lake- mr carter starting his 10 days i guess
3. john carroll- frank took the 1
2. snipper whapple- scratches scare me
7. fox valley curahee- raced good last week, jv picked off though

Race 4
2. shakey slim- flipped a coin between the 1 and the 2
1. trophy hunter- super sharp and very close with 1
5. acadiana- hot trainer/driver/owner has some speed, pocket trip? good, first over not so good
4. lyons frank- jv
3. sometimes regrets- small fields always tough on a closer, first over?

Race 5
6. loose deuce- the CW
1. rise n shine- wagner
3. johnhannibalsmith- aggressive?
2. vinegar hill- is usually decent here
5. lts captain- missed over a month, tough to read
4. sassy shirley- 2 of the trainers 3 wins this meet

Race 6
1. michaels dream- rail and speed and always good here
2. bodine hanover- 2 for 2 with the hero driving
3. mimis tyler- serious contender
4. harmony oaks rengo- has a chance
5. art simpson- closer

Race 7
2. poker champ- seems to be the fastest
4. ajs poppop- major player
3. dr lon- beaten favorite last 2 times out
6. talbot redneck- should go over $200,000 in career earnings in this race
5. bangbangkisskiss- jv
1. lombo powershot a- spider man
8. overnite senstion- some speed
7. your best best- hero is in a tough field
9. tomado island n- winning wayne long

Race 8
7. four starz robro- good luck in your new career
5. bay lightning- broke last week
6. justgottogethtere- defintely can hit the ticket
4. super lustre- missed time and scratch sick a concern
3. whitesville liz- won 3 in a row
2. killer whale- gray
1. memorys choice- aggressive?

Race 9
8. mcknows- B squared back to drive
9. art for living- won last time frank drove, post is troublesome
4. bucktown badboy- jv
1. last outlaw- getting back into form?
6. pw ranibow- c.o.s pick
2. delaware fortune- the other CCs favorite horse
3. brave hearted- braden
5. acardi- c.o. didnt pick this one
7. riverpath- not in the best of form

Race 10
1. neuchas punk- been getting better
6. yarborough hanover- gray
9. triple t dawn- post hurts alot
8. sjs warrior- old guy from the outside
7. toms cash- winning wayne long
5. judith- jvs dad
4. abs speedy hall- not jvs pick
2. sand bank- hero will need a sidekick
3. swanky- scratch sick and then mediocre effort, but you get braden
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Full Member
Posts: 193

« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2012, 08:11:54 PM »

Hope that wasn't your 1099 in win pool, on Horsey B......made my Trackman winner $15.00 exacta paid unconcious 79.00 picked in program
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3 wide and wingin

« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2012, 12:05:16 AM »

Hope that wasn't your 1099 in win pool, on Horsey B......made my Trackman winner $15.00 exacta paid unconcious 79.00 picked in program

I pressed the wrong button and thought I was betting on Ceba Horsey  bang head bang head bang head bang head bang head bang head
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