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Author Topic: Rosecroft comments for Tuesday November 20th  (Read 511 times)
3 wide and wingin

« on: November 19, 2012, 11:46:24 PM »

Race 1
2. bertos angel- obvious that braden gets in the bike this week, probably over bet
4. corky duke- driver likes to come in 3rd
3. yarbourough hanover- first then second then 3rd then 4th in last 4
5. devilicious- intersting, need to see here, maybe blwos them away, maybe not
1. triple t dawn- lacks speed

Race 2
6. mimis tyler- super sharp
5. i told gordy- tough horse in a close race, very possible
2. gone nuclear- 17 days since last start or id have picked
4. desmet- been super sharp since C.O. got the driver, possible
3. ajs poppop- another good one in  tough field
1. talbot redneck- loves to win here

Race 3
2. matts all star- blew up the board at 99-1 last week, mike rossi? in the bike again
3. come on ridge- B squared usually has them ready to go
5. harmony oaks rengo- mr carter has a chance
4. brighton bay one- the warden for clyde
9. riverpath- post hurts
6. amazing toy- jvs dad
7. last outlaw- mosher
8. what a boomer- does have braden
1. million dollar man- ted dibiase where are you?

Race 4
2. island beauty- consistant, 1 for 48
7. nadia- mr. carter may win, the post hurts a little, lacks speed, 1 for 11
5. horsey b- another one that blew up the board last week 1 for 24
8. storm logan- interesting, but post hurts on a young horse 0 for 1
3. jv hanover- first time starrter, 0 for 0
1. bad break- won a few weeks ago, 1 for 5
4. western reign- will driver be aggressive? ill guess no, 0 for 3
6. linganore- 1 for 46

Race 5
5. rules little man- 6 for 47
6. sbs commando- 1 for 43 but has banked almost 80,000$
1. my heidi- likes to get second
4. big tejano- been good here before, not so much lately
2. judith- mark gray and missed some time
3. naughty pajams- not in the best of form

Race 6
3. steppin hanover- braden
8. southern swan- not jvs choice?
6. chasen cancun- in good form too
4. mcgolden boy- top 4 here can each win, this one keeps getting better
5. golly me- mike rossi?
7. tidewater titan- B squared
2. successful appeal- jvs choice
1. this dragonflyzzz- driver sometimes aggressive from inside posts

Race 7
4. sometimes regrets- dont say i never picked mark gray
6. pw ranbow- C.O.
5. bodine hanover- T.O.
1. da vinci- temming
3. kj hannah- first time lasix
9. brave hearted- another post and id have higher
7. cedar hall boy- milby
2. blue time frosty- nikodemski
8. gold star smokin- post hurts

Race 8
2. winsome moni- havent picked milby yet
3. somoli crown- may offer more than last weeks win shows
7. tough touch- peter parker
6. pegasus man- likes it here, but a breaker and a shaker
4. take charge guy- the warden
5. memorys choice- won last week
1. abs speedy hall- speed , rail and agressive driver

Race 9
7. dvc gotta believe- mr. carter
3. nuclear attraction- real clunker last week
5. cedar hall road- been regressing
2. quicken my pulse- tyler davis
1. rocknroll em- chad hall
4. ace lauxmont- decent qualifier
6. add a little magic- jvs dad
8. the l train- 1 for 57

Race 10
5. roxies big guy- jb is my hero
2. camifications- jv for wagner
3. shakey slim- always really good here
7. bangbangkississ- milby
8. sweeney hanover- hot driver/trainer encounters a tough field and a tough post
1. acardi- t.o.
4. beauty and  beast- getting better
6. arizona helen- needs to show more

Race 11
7. bay lightning- spider man
8. justgottogetthere- big chance
5. pekoe fashion- wins for fun or needs a race? i dont know
6. super lustre- the warden
4. vinegar hill- can be decent here sometimes
2. johnhannibalsmith- george peppard
1. tough challenger- has the rail
3. sjs warrior- if 1.59 hits the ticket has a chance

Race 12
5. dr lon- hot trainer and milby in the finale
3. michaels dream- usually good here
4. trophy hunter- trainer drives
2. lyons frank- jv
9. blissful silence- good form, bad post
7. art simpon- won last week
6. missed oppourtunity- t.o.
1. your best bet- temming
8 overnite sensation- can better rating
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