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Author Topic: An Interview with: SHERRY PARBHOO, WILLIE MARTINEZ, SHIVANANDA PARBHOO  (Read 1530 times)
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« on: November 03, 2012, 07:04:36 PM »

THE MODERATOR:  Team Trinniberg, the pride of Trinidad and Tobago.  With us in the middle, winning rider, Willie Martinez and right next to Willie holding the flag is the trainer, Shivananda Parbhoo, on the far right, Sherry Parbhoo and tell us who they are?
   SHERRY PARBHOO:  This is my nephew Ryan and my brother Nick.
   THE MODERATOR:  Congratulations, for all up at the front.  Fourth ride at the Breeders' Cup, seemed like a straightforward trip.  You were stalking soft parts and when they turned for home you were on the best horse but I'm sure you can elaborate on the journey.
   WILLIE MARTINEZ:  Thanks.  First of all I would like to thank the Parbhoo family, they have been one hell of a ride to make my dreams come true and my family, means a lot to me, 24 years of riding you can dream this moment and sometimes you live it, close, but to actually taste it, it's an amazing feeling, so I would like to thank them and God.
   With Trinniberg, that's the way it goes, everything is forward, forward, forward and we knew that if he run his race today he would show up and it just happened to be that he ran the race of his life.
   THE MODERATOR:  Shiv, it hasn't all been smooth sailing with Trinniberg.  You knew that you had a talented horse, however, there was a Kentucky Derby where the mile and a quarter might have proved to be too far and King's Bishop, which I know was disappointing to your whole crew.  I take it you maintained faith and today do you feel justified in that faith?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  The mile and a quarter Kentucky Derby, when he won the last race in Belmont, you know, we didn't know the distance he wanted to go.  Like I told to Willie before, I said, "Willie, you've got to quarter pole he doesn't have anything, don't beat him up, just take it easy with him."   
Even though he's a sprinter we don't know how long he can go.  Back to King's Bishop, we would have won easily, what happened is he lose the hind shoes, the left hind shoes.  When Willie came on the horse he said, Ralph ‑‑ they call me Ralph.     He said, Ralph, you know what, check the bucket of shoes, I think we lose the shoes and I said don't worry if it's the shoes it's no problem if it's anything major then we have problems and when we got back to the barn the shoes was definitely gone.
   I want to turn my groom, Oscar Sotelo, without him I would never be here, he is a wonderful, wonderful person.  The people at Calder Race Course, amazing race track.  The people at Trinidad and Tobago, we did it.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  I say for myself, Willie has to say what he wants.  And for the guys in the band, great job guys, we are going to do it again.
   THE MODERATOR:  Shivananda, I know your dad, Bisnath has been instrumental in Trinniberg's preparations and I'm told he's stuck at home in New Jersey with the affects of Hurricane Sandy, is there anything you want to tell him?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Dad, we did it.
   WILLIE MARTINEZ:  In post position.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  He told me before the draw he said you're going to get post position 9 and the third time is a win 37, third time is the win, we get nine for the Kentucky Derby, 9 for Saratoga and 9 for this race.  He said third time is a charm, don't worry.  He said be safe, be careful, don't worry, you're still involved.

   Q.  Sherry, Trinniberg put 'em away, but The Lumber Guy and Smiling Tiger was gaining ground at the end.  Were you concerned that Trinniberg wouldn't be able to hold on?
   SHERRY PARBHOO:  No, we were confident in our horse.  We knew that Trinniberg would be a good horse and it's just an amazing experience to be here with my family and Willie and we're very happy to be here.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  To be here racing against some of the top best trainers, in this country, just to be on the stage with them is amazing.
   I can't believe that we actually ‑‑ win this race.

   Q.  And Shivananda, can you just explain the addition of blinkers for this race?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Like I told them before, when he ran the last couple of races, every time he reached the 8 pole, he would lose confidence in himself, because he always at the 8 pole most of the time he was a length, two lengths.  So I said, wait, you know, this horse need something.  In order to keep him focused, from the 8 pole to the wire, that was my biggest problem, that he would not get ‑‑ not focus on the race and with the blinkers, it surely did work.
   Every time he probably heard the horse coming, Willie is going to answer that question, but he just kept going.  They couldn't get close enough.

   Q.  Great race.  I am from India, too.  You have now won a race on the world's biggest stage.  Tell us how your training career started and how it all happened.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Well, let me start by saying my father, Bisnath Pavo.  He started the training.  I learn from him, great training.  Even though my name is on as the trainer, we still work together.
   It's like Shivananda/Bisnath Parbhoo, so everything stays the same and to win this race, I don't think it's got to me yet.

   Q.  Willie, can you take us through the race?
   WILLIE MARTINEZ:  I'm still in that cloud.  You know, Ralph ‑‑ we call him Ralph ‑‑ I'm the one that requested ‑‑ one of the persons that requested the blinkers be removed as a 2 year old.  He let me work him and I always felt that they would relax and we had great success without the blinkers, and I was a little skeptical about it when he told me he was going to put the blinkers on.
   I never underestimate this man here, but for myself I was like, okay, so ‑‑ he must have seen something that I honestly didn't see or felt, because I've always thought that he has a great kick from the 8th pole to the wire, but he was losing a little bit of spark out of the gate the last two races, two, three races, and Ralph went to work and added a spark and he showed today.

   Q.  Willie, you have ridden Trinniberg all year long.  Talk about what that means to him and did you lose faith coming out of the Kentucky Derby?
   WILLIE MARTINEZ:  No, not at all.  We knew he was obviously the best sprinter in the division this year, so we knew he had something special.  The minute ‑‑ right after he won the Bay Shore, if you watch his race and the way he did it, I told Ralph, "Wow, this horse is amazing."  Never lost faith on.  When we go back and look at the King's Bishop, we felt super confidence, we thought there was no way this horse could get beat, and it happens in racing.
   I told Ralph, let's get back to work, get him back on track and get him ready for today, and we did.

   Q.  Shivananda, the sprint division is often kind of scrambled up and especially so this year, it seems, but the Breeders' Cup Sprint is always the one that counts the most.  Are you hopeful of an Eclipse Award after today's win?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Eclipse Award or not, I think he's going to get it, but he did what he was supposed to do and we did what we were supposed to do, and I think he's going to win, vote Trinniberg!
   THE MODERATOR:  It is the campaign season after all.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Let me add one more thing.
   THE MODERATOR:  Please do.
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  After the race in Saratoga, a lot of people come to me and they tell me, "Hey, you running this horse too much.  He need time off."  I told them, "Listen, there is no problem with this horse.  He have no problem, and there is no way for me to give up."
   He is a nice horse, he's a nice sprinter, and I came here ‑‑ I told them before, last year when we came to the Breeders' Cup it was all a sight see.  This year I came to the Breeders' Cup, I told everybody it's all business.  Dream come true.
   THE MODERATOR:  Shivananda, any initial plans for next year with your horse?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Well, I'm not going to say nothing else.  I will wait, give it a couple of days, go back to Calder, relax.  I might be here December 26th, I don't know yet.  It's Christmas.
   THE MODERATOR:  The Malibu Stakes?
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  Yeah, might be here.  It's Christmas.
   WILLIE MARTINEZ:  Well, you gotta let me know.  It's okay ‑‑
   SHIVANANDA PARBHOO:  I don't know if my family wants to be here for Christmas, I would have to ask them.
   THE MODERATOR:  Congratulations to Willie, Shivananda, the entire Parbhoo family.  You're rewarded with a Breeders' Cup victory.  Well done. 

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