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Author Topic: An interview with: MARTIN SCHWARTZ  (Read 695 times)
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« on: November 02, 2012, 06:46:19 PM »

THE MODERATOR:  Mr. Schwartz, a legend on Wall Street now a happy owner of Zagora, seems like every year you have and bring to the Breeders' Cup some wonderful turf fillies, first of all what's it mean to get that win?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  It's thrilling.  We came close in '05 with Guerrilla and maybe we will get another shot tomorrow with Noble Tune, but this is a special horse.
   You know how you fall in love with them and she just ‑‑ I can't remember I think she has been out of the money just a few times.  She is all heart.  The interesting thing was Ramon and Javier are very close friends and in the last few weeks I looked at all of Zagora's tapes and I felt Javier was a half a length better on her than Ramon and I love Ramon and I told him I would pay part of the jockey's fee when I took him off because I had such an extraordinary feeling for him, but it's just part of the team.
   Chad is a remarkable young man, and I'm very lucky to be associated with him.  I hope he goes and wins the next race, also.

   Q.  Incidentally, Chad Brown is busy saddling Awesome Feather and Javier is busy riding that filly.  This is Mrs. Schwartz?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  My wife Audrey.

   Q.  Audrey, congratulations.
   AUDREY SCHWARTZ:  Thank you so much.

   Q.  There were questions about Zagora's distance preferences ‑‑
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  I never had a problem with that ‑‑

   Q.  You varied from your trainer on that?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  I owned her when she ran in Nanette at the end of August in Deauville and she lost to Lily Of The Valley and he came back and beat at The Opera and beat my beloved Stacelita.
   Chad and I discuss things and we made a decision ‑‑ at first we were going to take her to The Spinster because he said when she was at Keeneland she trained beautifully over The Poly.
   Then I said why don't we try The Flower Bowl at a mile and a quarter, so we feel confident she can get the distance and as you know it was a bog that day and she lost in the last few jumps and that gave us total confidence.
   In addition, we felt that she would have an extra week to prepare for the Breeders' Cup and she would have five weeks instead of four and that was ‑‑ Chad could work his magic.  He's absolutely remarkable.  When he tells me the horse is ready to run, they never run poorly.
   They just don't ‑‑ he's just a great talent.

   Q.  Martin, I know you're an excellent handicapper, as well as an owner but since Javier is not here to tell us, it looked like your decision to go with Javier may have paid a big dividend, not only did he find room for Zagora but beat the feud to the hole when he had momentum going.  Is that the way you saw it?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  I just watched my colors and I was screaming my lungs out.  When Javier rode Winter Memories, Zagora was coming off a sprint issue that summer and they made the call to put Javier on Winter Memories and left me at the altar, so I put Javier on probation for a few months and brought him back.  We're one big happy family, Chad, Ramon and Javier and I my wife and kids.

   Q.  Could you just comment on why Chad is so talented with the European fillies, bringing them over here?  Obviously there is a connection coming up under Bobby, but can you talk about what it is that he does well with them to transition them here?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  I've never seen anything like it.  I've bought a lot of European horses and I've been with Chad two years, and when we brought Stacelita over and she ran last July in the handicap, she didn't miss a beat.  He acclimated the horse and won the Beverly D. Stakes five or six weeks later.  He is a meticulous guy and he's an Ivy‑leaguer, and there aren't too many of those around.

   Q.  What about next year for Zagora?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  She is supposed to be on a plane 1:00 Sunday morning.  We'll see.  Maybe she'll be late for the plane.

   Q.  A plane to Lexington?

   Q.  Congratulations.  I know Stacelita is a special place in your heart.  Give us an update after her baling in the Breeders' Cup last year?
   MARTIN SCHWARTZ:  She is spectacular.  I will show you a picture of her on my phone.  We were just in Keeneland a few weeks ago.  She is at Dell Ridge Farm.  Mr. Yoshida bred her to Smart Strike and I've tried to drive a van up there and sneak her off the property, but I haven't had any luck.
   THE MODERATOR:  Great culmination to an excellent year by Zagora.  You get the brass ring at the end of it.  Congratulations and job well done.  

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