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Author Topic: An interview with: RICHARD MANDELLA, B. WAYNE HUGHES  (Read 890 times)
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« on: November 02, 2012, 06:35:46 PM »

THE MODERATOR:  Live once again in the interview room this time with the Juvenile Fillies winner, Beholder.  On the left, trainer, Richard Mandella just registered his third victory at that time Santa Anita, and alongside him is B. Wayne Hughes of Spendthrift Farm.
   This is Wayne's third, and they won the Breeders' Cup Juvenile back in the 2003 year and also some may not recall, even though it's just a year ago, but he was the owner of Court Vision who won for Spendthrift Farms the winners of the Breeders' Cup mile at a big price.
   Gentlemen, congratulations on the big win.  Dick, there was a discussion about which Breeders' Cup race Beholder would participate in.  In fact, you steered her away from the chandelier thinking two turns might not be her game then.
   But you do opt for the two turns here and obviously it was the right decision.  What were the varying factors and what did she show you this time heading into the race?
   B. WAYNE HUGHES:  Never mind all that, my wife explained to me that we owed a lot of money and the 10% of the $500,000 wasn't going to cover it, so we had to go for the gold.

   Q.  Dick, there were any other factors that might have played a part as well?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  Well, my principal thing was I thought he was charging 5%.  No, there wasn't any factors in my mind.  Richard made the decision with some advise with a lot of other people, but I wasn't one of them.  His wife might have been one of them.

   Q.  Wayne, she had a nice clear lead, she fended off the lead and got into a nice rhythm, were you confident that she would maintain her lead to the wire?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  I was sitting in a place that I couldn't see the fractions, but I was fairly confident that she was going to keep on going because Richard said she would.

   Q.  Aside from the bill collector, what were the factors, Richard, that made you go into this race?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  To be serious, when we came from Del Mar she had just won her third race in the debutante.  She is excitable, you would probably consider her a sprinter stretching out not a two‑turn horse getting a prep race sprinting.
   Consequently, the race the last few days at Del Mar and shipping up to Santa Anita at that caught up with her and mentally she wouldn't turn off and relax going into the Chandelier Stake.  I called Wayne and voiced my concern and thought I would train her up to the sprint today.
   Immediately she settled down and I saw the allowance race there and I thought as bad as we need money we might as well work her for something and get paid and we did that.  Then it was easy to go for the big money.  She never got upset after the race and that was the concern.

   Q.  Mr. Mandella, her daddy was pretty fast, do you think she showed her pappy's speed today especially with those fractions?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  We had a half brother named into mischief that studded Wayne's farm and won the holiday charity and acted like he could be a derby horse until I messed him up in the wintertime and had to wait.  It's obviously a good mare and it didn't hurt her any.

   Q.  Executiveprivilege was starting to get her run and was getting close how worried were you that Baffert's filly wouldn't run you down?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  About 100 yards out I was concerned, but I saw her dig in and you could see the look in her eye that she wasn't going to give up.

   Q.  Any anxious moments on your part, Wayne?
   B. WAYNE HUGHES:  I saw Executiveprivilege making a move, Bob is always a tough competitor, but he wasn't running, and so we got it done.

   Q.  Do you think this win ‑‑ obviously the Juvenile Fillies win gives you a big leg up to a year‑end championship.  Do you think this put her over the top beating a previously undefeated filly in Executiveprivilege?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  I don't know about that.  I know that her numbers as a two year old are ‑‑ I don't know if anyone has ever done what she did with a 2, so I frankly from ‑‑ as a prejudice point of view consider her the best 2 year old filly in the country and may be in the world.

   Q.  Richard, as has already been stated, Henny Hughes on top, Tricky Creek down below, as a trainer how do you envision next year unfolding.  Obviously she is fast.  She has shown she can go two turns.  What goes into a trainer's mind as you begin the 3 year old campaign with a horse like this?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  We will run her in the sprint next year, it's a million and a half.  Just kidding.
   I'm just going to enjoy this and we'll worry about next year later.  She has come a long ways from her maiden win, getting beat out of his maiden race to Executiveprivilege by a whisker at Del Mar, and to improve and come this much further and go a mile 16th, you have to realize she hadn't been two turns.  So you have to give her credit, I believe.

   Q.  Everybody says, "I'll let the horse tell me," but the kind of filly maybe more so than most where that applies?
   RICHARD MANDELLA:  The horses always have to tell you.  You don't always want to listen, but they're trying to tell us.
   THE MODERATOR:  Richard Mandella, Wayne Hughes, congratulations on the win. 

      FastScripts by ASAP Sports
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