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Author Topic: An interview with: JOHN FULTON, AARON GRYDER, GUILLERMO FRANKEL  (Read 414 times)
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« on: November 02, 2012, 04:47:13 PM »

THE MODERATOR:  As you can see here in the interview room, we are live in the interview room with the happy connections of Calidoscopio and it is literally standing room only at the front of the room with all the connections, jockey, Aaron Gryder, trainer, Guillermo Frankel a host of others and John Fulton, South American representative of the Breeders' Cup, who will happily serve as our translator for us.
John if you could introduce everybody for us who are up on stage.  We need everybody to ‑‑ if people who are standing could move off to the side.

   Q.   First of all, John, if you would ask winning trainer and owner about their decision to bring over Calidoscopio such a great distance to compete in this race, just the decision to come.
   GUILLERMO FRANKEL:  Last year they came second and the horse that won the race did not come.  They called me and said any chance we can come?  They always wanted to come here.  It was always their intention to come and when they won the race there was never a doubt her they were coming.
   THE MODERATOR:  Calidoscopio the oldest horse to ever win a Breeders' Cup, 9 year old Calidoscopio gets my approval, and Aaron Gryder if you can work your way to a microphone, it was almost a "mine that bird" sort of trip.
   You were not only out of the TV screen you were out of the range of track can you say, take us through the journey.  What you were thinking knowing that you had the ground to make up.
   AARON GRYDER:  I've been on this horse and it was helpful that they brought me the DVDs to watch his races, this young man helped me because he's rode the horse so many times, his running style and they said he likes to be alone, sit back there and just settle.
   After the first mile he started getting stronger as we went along and by the time we got to the quarter pole he was advancing so quickly I felt if he gave that same turn of foot that I had seen on the DVD he was going to be able to run 'em down, and I thank the connections.
   I don't speak any Spanish and they don't speak any English and it came together in a nice way and we have had a lot of laugh and I've had some great translators, one being my agent and obviously Mr. Fulton, thank you for letting me be part of this.  (Applause.)

   Q.  Aaron, how were you able to get this mount?
   AARON GRYDER:  I don't know, but let's not go back and worry about that, they were in Mike's hall.
   I checked with them every day, had fun with the guys that were their helpers and they became friendly.  After that they came to the races opening day and I was fortunate enough to win a couple of races and they told me the next day that I was going to gain this mount.  Again, it's great teamwork by Frankel and everybody else to get me here.

   Q.  Mr. Frankel, I wonder if you could explain if this horse has gotten better as its gotten older and if so why.
   GUILLERMO FRANKEL:  (He shrugs his shoulders).
   JOHN FULTON:  To begin with, he started as a veterinarian and is known to be one of the best care taking trainers in our industry in Argentina.  He always gives them the time they need and kept the horse sound by his knowledge as a veterinarian and in trying to prevent injuries coming up.
   If he needs time, he gives it, and he has allowed this horse to stay strong and mature and get better ‑‑ he has been good for a long time he didn't have to get better and he says the main thing that makes him good is his heart.

   Q.  Is he going to run at age 10?
   JOHN FULTON:  I guess we should ask the horse.  At least five more years!  (Laughter).

   Q.  Aaron, I wonder if you could compare him to the older horses you have run and what impressions you had of him prior to today's race.
   AARON GRYDER:  He's a horse with great character.  First time I got on him he was a little difficult, but I realized he was smarter than I was.  He stopped.  He wanted to look around and wasn't overly eager to get into his race.  He's relaxed and laid back and enjoys what he does.
   I love to ride these old class horses because they do know so much, and Mr. Frankel told me I could close my eyes.  The horse knows his way around there and he's pretty accurate on that.  He's a smart horse and a pleasure to ride.

   Q.  (In Spanish).
   JOHN FULTON:  I wanted to say that he wants to extend his gratitude to Mike pipe pea for all the gratitude, to him, the horse, the team, he's been a tremendous help from the day the horse arrived in California.  (Applause).
   He asked about his feelings about how he felt about winning this race and Pablo answered ‑‑ reflecting the sentiments of Aaron, he is a horse with tremendous heart, and he's ridden him so many times and for him to be able to come and see him do what he's done so many times before was a tremendous experience.
   THE MODERATOR:  It's Aaron Gryder's first Breeders' Cup win as well.  The trophy will go nicely along with the Dubai World Cup trophy.

   Q.  What were you singing out in the winner's circle?
   GUILLERMO FRANKEL:  We were shouting for Argentina.  That's what you do when you win something.
   JOHN FULTON:  He wanted to extend gratitude to Palermo for putting on this race and being a part of this.

   Q.  Aaron, talk about winning your first Breeders' Cup and I heard you were confident before this race.  You made a comment yesterday you were going to win.  I don't know if that's true or not.
   AARON GRYDER:  Was it the only single on your card?  I made that one several times, I was extremely confident.

   Q.  Why?
   AARON GRYDER:  Because the last couple of weeks I watched this horse change, when he got here he was unfamiliar with this, I worked him at Hollywood Park and he worked great then and watching him gap will you please has been phenomenal.  He has no saddle on him and you watch him gallop.  It gave me confidence.

   Q.  Talk about winning the Breeders' Cup for the first time?
   AARON GRYDER:  This is a world championship race, it's a great thing to be able to win one of our best races here in America and it goes along with the World Cup, it definitely matches that.
   THE MODERATOR:  Calidoscopio qualified through the Breeders' Cup series, they won the race in Argentina earlier in year.

   Q.  And is Calidoscopio kaleidoscope in English?
   THE MODERATOR:  Gentlemen, congratulations. 

      FastScripts by ASAP Sports
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