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Author Topic: Horsin' Around TV Critique  (Read 2070 times)
Jr. Member
Posts: 80

« on: November 15, 2005, 09:57:17 AM »

Three seasons in the books.

Just looking for some opinions on the show.

What we do right, what we do wrong, the talent, the content, the features -- what you'd like to see more/less of. The importance of this show to the industry.

Please be honest. Drop your opinions in this forum, or send me a private note. I can handle constructive criticism.

Thanks -- and keep on Horsin' Around!

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Jr. Member
Posts: 61


« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2005, 11:40:05 AM »

Like I said in another email.  Michelle added a nice touch to the handicappoing seminar at trackside.  I know that has nothing to do with racing but alot of these "perks" and bonus's that Hawthorn has added may keep the game alive.

I would like so see you guys have some winter seminars on topics like pace and other things.  I personally do not understand Tom Brohamer's book at all-i need help!!  You could charge admission. 

Both you and marcus could put together a few seminars for begginer's.

Basically, I guess I am in need of a mentor.  maybe you could put mentor groups together.  Basically a student (like myslef) will spend a day with a mentor and will go over the races together and then discuss what happened.  This could be a way for some of the real pros to make a few bucks on the side.  I know that some people do not want to share knowledge but there may be some that want to. 

As a lifetime student of music, I have had mentors that have been helpful over the years.  I have also been a mentor to some of my students years after they have graduated.

I personally am using a variety of materials to pick my selections..Equibase, e-ponies, Dak's picks and reading Jim Miller's picks although he rarely gets it right in my opinion.

Now on to the show.  I like the show very much.  Things I would like to see in 2006....

The future Dan Ellman and Maven go 10 rounds in the steal
cage! hahaha


lets have some contests between the hosts of the show. 

Lets also talk about how keeping records for a meet.  How do you guys do it.  How about publishing your picks in terms of all bets made.
Are you really betting (with your own cash)2 pick 4's at Hawthorn every racing day.  I realize that some of my questions might not be appropriate for the TV show but these are things I need to know.

Having said that,your show is great and I never miss it!

PS.  Is this John Franks character as good of a handicapper as he claimes to be?

PS. Steve Leving was very entertaining!

Thanks for your time!  Sincerely, Mark Maegdlin

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« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2005, 02:08:40 PM »

I saw there on the last seaon show Saturday that you were hoping to get an hour long show next year. Kudos on that. What I'd like to see, even though I know it is the most expensive part of the show, is more features. When a typical morning show is talk to the harness guy for awhile, talk to the Mave for awhile, have Illman talk for awhile, and then that's it, I don't know how appealing a 1/2 hour of horseplayer talking heads is to a more casual audience. Sometimes even I tune out (usually when it's a mostly harness show and you haven't said there's an interesting feature coming up).

Interviews with jockeys. Interviews with trainers. Interviews with racing offcials. A day with the starting crew. Close up and personal on the backside, or the routine on race day. Let the tracks show us some of their facilities on a walk through. Talk to the tote guys and the TV guys. Whatever. Educational stuff. Heck you could repeat some of the stuff you showed in previous seasons. Not everyone caught every show. I like the trainer interviews you do currently but there's not enough IMHO. Maybe a short "racing news" segment if you do get an hour. Short interviews with the movers and shakers on the issues of the day facing Illinois racing.

I did like the better time slots this year. Keep that up.
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Hero Member
Posts: 1291

« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2005, 05:29:51 PM »

joe i agree with terry about making the show a hour long if possible and the majority of the focus on the thoroughbred side of the sport, i understand harness is throwing its support towards you and the show but i dont think more time devoted to harness is gonna attract new people or keep the 1's already interested still interested. id like to see the harness time instead directed at the national scene and the big races week in and week out including major focus on the derby trail and preps every week pending when the show starts next year! ive said it in the past and ill say it again im very appreciative of your efforts and what youre doing for the game locally and overall, thanks and keep up the positive work!

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Posts: 1

« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2005, 08:57:48 AM » a beginning horseplayer, I thoroughly enjoyed Horsin Around and added it to my Tivo season past list...i'll miss it in the off season.

I think going to a full hour will be great and I agree with the ideas posted by others here to improve the show...

I would encourage you to add feature on cash management and betting approaches...perhaps taking apart some of your exotics and explaining them would be very interesting, esp. to newbies like me.

All in all, it's a great show, well produced and very interesting...perhaps next year we will have a mano a mano bet off between the maven and the future!

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Full Member
Posts: 242

« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2005, 09:45:17 AM »

Interviews with jocks and trainers, A segment on what a horse has to do on race day and what i mean is how do you get a horse ready to run on race day starting 4 hours out from the race until it finishes cooling off. Show the vet giving lasix, show the groom wrapping vet wraps , putting the tongue tie on, putting the bridle on, shadow roll, blinkers, walking to the paddock, saddling the horse, talking to the jock before the race, show the trainer and owner during the runing of the race and get there response before and after the race, follow the horse back to the barn, show him getting a bath and cooling out. Show the whole 9 yards.
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« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2005, 10:25:12 AM »


Not a bad idea , to show what a horsemen`s day is like from start to finish!!
You may have to edit it down for time purpose but still not bad ,not bad at all.
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