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Author Topic: Rosecroft comments for Tuesday oct. 23  (Read 531 times)
3 wide and wingin

« on: October 22, 2012, 10:30:55 PM »

race 1
3. talent on broadway-  lots to like
2. lotsa speed nz- doesnt look great but you get braden
1. jessies gem- rail and speed, contender
5. stylish image- my man Mr. Carters choice
6. caviar royale- has hit the ticket some lately
4. party my way- clyde the glide
7. sassy shirley- feels like old times with Frank leading driver so far

race 2
4. one card please- was pretty good last week for Mr. Carter
6. american fury- first time milby, ill use on top with the 4
1. snipper whapple- no good from the 9 last week, you get post relief and braden this week
5. the real buckeye- no top 3s from 10 starts this year
2. john carroll- jv
3. what a boomer- T.O.
7. anything but plain- has won the most money s far this year
8. sos mackenna- has missed 3months

race 3
7. harmony oaks rengo- speed to get a good spot
4. metropole- wagner driving, interesting
5. little boy- first time braden
6. okeecheebee joe- some brutal trips lately for the italian stalion, possible
9. leftamillion a- tough post and he too has had some bad racing luck lately
2. a canuck eh- colonial shipper
8. blue time frosty- beaten favorite last week
3. latest buzz- the cpmmander
1. sharpest edge- freehold or rcr? getting about the same results lately

race 4
1. abs speedy hall- milby and rail, breaker last week
7. dont fence me- outside and lacks speed
6. corky duke-  groff
3. naughty pajamas- a couple of clunkers since the scratch sick vet
4. mms miss direct- comes in from colonial
2. jukebox girl- the warden, seems to be regressing
5. speedituphanover- noc

race 5
6. natural breeze- chris welty picking them up and setting them down
2. yankees lady- pretty good last week
5. red eye whiskey- been racing well for the macho man
7. tidewater titan- B swuared always scares me, can better rating
1. copper art- mosher driving this week
8. badlands lad- braden
4. chasen cancun- interesting
3. montabello ike- the warden for baxter
9. thedragonslyzzz- raced better last week but still 0$ made on the year in 11 starts

race 6
6. ol blue eyes- just taking a stab at the milby/trotto duo look at the odds if big probably no if low yes
7. sjs warrior- guess ill give the old man one more shot
4. dnjs merry dancer- jv
3. cloverleaf hanover- braden
1. dock a da bay- luc named horse
5. xiao wang-  scratch sick sept 16th and no checks since
2. beautiful legacy- does like to hit the back half off tickets

race 7
2. lyons frank- milby and trotto again
1. bodine hanover- t.o. got the popcorn out
4. gold star smokin- braden
5. art simpson- mark gray
7. handsome hussy- mr. carter
9. pw rainbow- raced good last week
3. riverpath- scratched sick last week
6. amazing toy- pass
8. art reactor- pass

race 8
2. talbot redneck- always tough here
3. toms torpedo- clunker last week but gets milby back
4. trophy hunter- trainer driving this week
8. el cummanchero- very tough task here
7. desmet- will be coming late
5. delaware fortune- jb
6. brighton bay one- wagner
1. whitsand holligan- first start with ne trianer driver owner

race 9
1. lesters wester- mr carter has this one racing well
8. d jokerman- the italian stallion
2. h hall- B squared driving for winning wayne
5. dr lon- NATALIE ZABRZENSKI HuhHuh? dunno what to do with this one
7. desert turbulance- beaten favorite last week
6. bucktown badboy- sometimes competetive here  hard to tell when that is
4. cheyenne bogart- pretty big mile last week
3. the traveling man- the silver bullet band

race 10
6. mimis tyler- temming is on fire
4. grab the fortune- big chance
5. k j anita- heavy favorite broke in the stretch last week
7. private interview- some speed
8. missed oppourtunity- t.o.
9. cedar hall boy- braden will have to work a trip
2. sometimes regrets- gray
3. gold comet- dr. weckstein
1. mckenzie mc- last 2 are clunkers but can wake up this week?

race 11
2. varsity hanover- last ime out super for former RCR horse of the meet
5. gone nuclear- set lifetime mark last time out here
3. i told gordy- another one in great form, top 3 here are super competetive
4. idealist- the commander
6. poker champ- another one in great form but is shipping in from the big track
1. pushintheenvelope- seems just a tad slower than the others

race 12
8. baximum- was super here beating some good horses, missed 2 weeks a concern and may be over bet
1. justgottogetthere- main threat
7. super lustre- couple of wins here last month
9. loose deuce- won over 46,000$ this year, tough horse to drive, second tier should be interesting
3. johnhanibalsmith- won 2 in a row
6. master in charge- jv
4. pattysloosechange- t.o.
2. take charge guy- the warden
5. fairway to play- won last week
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3 wide and wingin

« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 01:11:03 AM »

Looks like Milby should have a big night.

Might get over bet some so look for value.

Good luck all.

Don't forget the $2500 guarantee super in the finale.

 beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer
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Full Member
Posts: 193

« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2012, 07:09:44 PM »

Match Race./...26 scratches.....Thanks Tanker truck  Bomb
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3 wide and wingin

« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2012, 10:48:46 PM »

Fun night considering all the drivers changes and scratches.

Picks were decent considering. If you played the scratches and the drivers changes correctly.

Croft when you do the math please eliminate the scratches.

  thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Or not.

 beer beer beer beer beer
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