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Author Topic: Maywood Selections for Friday, July 13th  (Read 1611 times)
Charlie Horse
Jr. Member
Posts: 62

« on: July 13, 2012, 01:48:43 AM »

Friday the 13th selections. Good luck out there!

8 - FOUR STROKE (15/1) . . .BMP shipper was parked the mile in last and faded. Will blast and could be tough to catch if he can clear. Faves look beatable in here and the price should be right on this guy.
4 - BUTCH O'HARE (2/1) . . .Ships in from BMP, where he was holding his own with conditioned claimers. Was Oosting's choice over the #3. Shows some speed and figures to be a major player in here.
6 - BOYS OF FALL (5/2) . . .Took advantage of a perfect trip and picked up his maiden victory last week. Will have to work harder from here. Difficult, not impossible.
3 - NJ'S GO JOHNNY GO (6/1) . . .Made a bold move last week to get up for third. Draws a bit better and with a similar effort, he'll be in the thick of this.
1 - FOX VALLEY SAM (7/2) . . .Parked without cover against these last week. Should have an easier go of it with the rail. Will be in the mix.
7 - NUMMEYS REVENGE (15/1) . . .Makes 2012 debut off a rather slow qualifier. Won on this track last year. Threat if he doesn't need the start.
2 - PULL THE PLUGS (8/1) . . .Last three races were rather dull. Will need to do more to threaten.
5 - DONTEVENMESSWITHME (12/1) . . .Winless in 28 starts and has not been close in a while. Pass.

6 - FOX VALLEY DOMINO (2/1) . . .Blew the doors of a similar field last week. Promising three-year-old should power past them all once again.
7 - JHS (6/1) . . .Looks like the main threat to the above. Finished third in a quick mile last time out. Switch to Oosting is key. Contender.
4 - KB'S ROBBY (5/2) . . .Speedball will be on the engine once again. Has not held off a field in a while, but looks like a solid gimmick possibility.
1 - RICH N SPORTY (7/2) . . .Makes debut for Elmore barn after struggling under Affrunti's tutelage. Post relief and switch to Marcus should provide spark.
2 - FROSTONPUNKIN (6/1) . . .Has not won or gotten close in ages. Pass.
3 - INNOVATION (8/1) . . .Showed a little spark last week, gaining some ground in the stretch late. Still needs to do more before we can start believing.
5 - RIVER OF FAITH (12/1) . . .Judges scratch last time. Prior races were rather dull. Pass.

6 - SEPTEMBER ROAD (3/1) . . .Really digging this one. Ships in from the HOP where he battled to tough fractions and still was close at the wire. Tangled with some toughies at BMP in prior races. If he takes to this oval, he looks tons the best here.
8 - WOLFIES SPORTSTER (4/1) . . .BMP shipper has been facing much tougher. Has a strong late kick and will just need decent striking position to hit the ticket.
1 - FRESHMAN PHENONOM (2/1) . . .Has burned a ton of money this season, disappointing as the fave in five of his last six races. Will get a good trip from here and be in the mix once again.
3 - DON'T DARE DIS DOG (6/1) . . .Did not threaten from the outside last week. Improved post position could help cause. Figures to show speed and could hang around for a slice.
5 - CJ'S REAL DEAL (8/1) . . .Last few were on the dull side. Needs to do more.
2 - FOX VALLEY HOTSTUF (15/1) . . .Lost touch with the field in last two. Pass.
7 - FOX VALLEY HILO (12/1) . . .Finished far back last three races. Impossible to use.
4 - ROCK RIVNDEL (20/1) . . .Winless in 54 starts. Last couple were especially dismal.

2 - HUES ARTISTIC LADY (3/1) . . .Twice beaten favorite can make amends from this spot. Could get to the top easier from here.
3 - JUDY'S JET (7/2) . . .Rallied past this kind last week. Racing very well right now and repeat performance is not out of the question. Major player.
7 - CAMS PRINCESS WAVE (9/2) . . .Crushed foes last time out in her debut for the Affrunti barn. Trainer has been on fire all season. Appears capable of taking it all.
9 - POWER AND PURPOSE (10/1) . . .Speedball will look to make an early move from the second tier. Oosting won with this one last time he drove. Price looks tasty.
6 - DELIGHTFUL DOT (8/1) . . .Consistent sort has hit the board in her last five starts. Should get live cover here and is certainly a live shot at the ticket.
1 - ANITA HAMMER (6/1) . . .Sick scratch last time out. Previous race was dismal. Affrunti and rail are hard to completely toss. Maybe use underneath.
4 - JUSTAFRENDLYGESTUR (12/1) . . .Nearly pulled off the upset last week. Might try for the top again. Could hang around for a slice.
5 - FRONTIER LADY (15/1) . . .Returns to Maywood after competing downstate. Qualifier was on the slow side. Did win the last time she raced here. Another that cannot be completely dismissed in this competitive event.
8 - WINDY CITY DIANE (15/1) . . .Was never a factor from the rail last week. Hard to like from way out here.

2 - FIRSTCLASSALLTHWAY (6/5) . . .Been taking on the best local horses at BMP. Has had success here in the past with two wins in seven starts. Should have control early and looks too good for these.
1 - SIGN THE PRENUP and 1a - CON GAME (5/2) . . .Both parts of this entry check into this in very good form. PRENUP is a speedball that can be rugged if he can get control. CON also seems to want the lead, but will have to work for it from the six post. No surprise if one of both parts of this entry hit the ticket.
6 - DELCO WILLOBEE (9/2) . . .Twice beaten favorite is coming off two tough trips. If he can flush live cover, he can compete for place money.
3 - MR ROCKFORD (8/1) . . .Tough trip took its toll last week as he finished far back. Could improve with a smoother trip, but will need his best to threaten the top choice.
4 - TURN IT UP LOUD (10/1) . . .Was never in position last week to challenge. Should benefit from the post shift inside. Could sneak a share.
5 - DADE HALL (12/1) . . .Last few were dull. Looks a little overmatched at this level.

7 - WESTERN SIGN (9/2) . . .Pushed back last week before coming on late as the betting favorite. With clear sailing, he could blow by these.
8 - NIGHTINTHEBOX (15/1) . . .Showed some good speed before fading last week in a needed start. Tall order from out here, but if he can get to the top, he can be tough to catch. Has five lifetime wins on this track. Could blow up the tote board.
1 - REAL DESIRABLE (10/1) . . .Draws the rail and switches back to Oosting. Should show improvement.
2 - ABSOLOM (5/2) . . .Last couple were much better. Surged four-wide and finished a solid third last time out. Should be in good position from here.
5 - PALMER (8/1) . . .Bold move last week to finish third at this level. Should find live cover again and appears to be a legit contender.
9 - GO TUFFY (3/1) . . .Had poor position in last few. With a better trip, he can be right in the thick of this.
6 - JOSTING JACK (10/1) . . .Flew down the lane to just miss against easier last week. Rarely wins races, but with another late surge, he can get up for a piece of this.
3 - BROTHER RAY (12/1) . . .Was a non-factor last time in a needed start. Looks like he probably needs at least one more race.
4 - WHATSHOULDIDO (15/1) . . .Sick scratch last week. Tired badly in previous start. Has not won in ages. Pass.

1 - KING Z TAM (3/1) . . .Thinking this could be the spot for this guy to pick up his first victory of the year. Been racing well in recent weeks. Should have great position from here to get over the hump.
2 - FIVE COUGARS A (2/1) . . .Tough trip last week took toll. Likes the lead and could have it here. Major contender.
5 - PAPA BRIAN (6/1) . . .Caught in a blind switch last time. Still made up a ton of ground in the stretch. With smooth sailing, this one should be right there. Won the last time Todd Warren drove.
3 - CINNAMON SPIDER (12/1) . . .Returns after taking on better at BMP. Uncorked a strong move last time before flattening out. Fits well against this group and driver change to Marcus is also a plus. Price shot to consider.
7 - AT MAX SPEED (8/1) . . .Off back-to-back second place finishes. Oosting will need to work some magic, but stranger things have happened.
4 - A AND GS EXPRESS (4/1) . . .Was a non-factor at this level last week. Might be overmatched with these.
6 - SAMEASITEVERWAS (10/1) . . .Winless in 14 starts this year. Has shown some improvement lately. Will need to see more before rating much higher.
8 - SPEAKIN GREEK (15/1) . . .Was far back last week. Hard to like from this spot.

4 - WINDSUN MONTECARLO (9/5) . . .Returns after taking on some rough mares at the HOP and BMP. Reunited with Oosting, who has had a ton of success with this gal. Was a romping winner last time on this oval. Looks much the best.
1 - SKYWAY LENA (15/1) . . .Finished far back last time. Move to rail could help. Will need her best to hang around for a minor award.
9 - OUR ALIBI (8/1) . . .Made a move to finish a distant second last time out. Will be in the fray battling for place dough.
7 - THEDAYYOUHAVEMADE (15/1) . . .Tossed a hint last time with a solid second place finish. Another that rarely wins, but could hit the ticket with the right trip.
6 - LOOKER HOTSPUR (8/1) . . .Finished a close fourth last week. Rarely wins, but can get close on occasion. Maybe use underneath.
8 - FURIOUS FIVE (12/1) . . .BMP shipper made a strong move in her last race before fading late. Will need to bring that big move and then some to overcome this post.
2 - TWILIGHT DELIGHT (20/1) . . .Last several have been dismal. Appears overmatched here.
3 - WOLF CREEK VIXEN (9/2) . . .Has not threatened in some time. Passing until improvement is seen.
5 - MADDISON PAIGE N (7/2) . . .Recent races have been dull. Needs to do much more.

1 - COLEFEDERATE (15/1) . . .With the rail and the return of Oosting, this one could be very tough in here. Maybe the price will be right.
2 - ICE MAN COMET'H (2/1) . . .Looks like the main threat. Been taking on better lately. Has big-time speed and could have control of this race. Major player.
7 - ANESCAPE N (5/2) . . .Keeps trying hard and just cannot get over the hump. Fits well with these. Will probably make another big move to finish second or third.
3 - DARETODOGREATHINGS (4/1) . . .Would have liked his chances if Oosting was in the bike. New driver Leonard capable. Might have to come first up.
4 - NATURAL LAD N (6/1) . . .Seems to just cruise around the inside and pick up checks. Never wins. Might find a way into the bottom of the Super.
5 - PRIME ESCAPE (10/1) . . .Gets close at times. Will need live cover and tiring pacesetters. Outside shot at a minor award.
6 - INDESCRIBABLE (8/1) . . .Showed good speed last week from the outside. Tossed hints in prior Maywood races. Hard to see him winning, but is another in here that is usable underneath.
8 - NO GIN (12/1) . . .Found this level a bit too much last week. Hard to endorse here.

8 - BET ON ART (7/2) . . .Dug in late and hung on for the win last week. Faces a similar field here, but has to deal with the eight post. Has speed and will need all of it to clear from out here.
3 - STRYKER (3/1) . . .Just missed getting to the top choice last week. Could turn the tables. Might try for top or two-hole.
5 - JJ SUPREME (9/2) . . .Was also in the photo finish against the above last week. Affrunti charge figures to be right there once again.
9 - STONEBRIDGE SYMBOL (8/1) . . .Has had excuses for recent losses. With clear sailing, he could threaten the bottom of the Super.
6 - SHASKA (6/1) . . .Never really threatened these last week. Needs live cover and hot pace. Could get it and surprise.
1 - AMERICAN LEASE (12/1) . . .Last few races were dismal. Rail should help keep him in contention.
2 - SPORTY LEVI (15/1) . . .Has not been close in recent races. Passing for now.
4 - ZELLER'S ISLAND (10/1) . . .Was far back in last at BMP. Form has gone south.
7 - FOX VALLEY TOCCOA (15/1) . . .Finished up the track in last couple. Will need to see something positive before rating higher.

6 - NASH GRAM (3/1) . . .Returns from the HOP. Faced tougher last time he raced here. Trainer Willis and horse have solid winning percentage. Could blow by the tiring pacesetters.
1 - TRICKY KID (15/1) . . .Interesting one here. Blasted out to some insane fractions (26.4, 55.1) before calling it quits last time out. Draws the rail and gets Oosting at the controls. If he can control that speed, he could be a sneaky play here.
4 - FOX VALLEY LIBERO (5/2) . . .Perfect trip winner last week against easier. Will have to work harder from this spot.
5 - SLEAZY MR E (7/2) . . .Raced inside and finished third to the #4 last week. Could threaten with live cover.
2 - MAKE IT WORK (8/1) . . .Blasted off the gate, but faded late last time out. Will be part of early fray. Might need to take two-hole for best chance.
8 - GUTS N GLORY (12/1) . . .Was an impressive winner last time out against easier. Might benefit from a fast pace. Can fly by some of these late.
3 - SENTIMENTALJOURNEY (10/1) . . .Claimed out of last and jumps up in class. Looks overmatched against these.
7 - LITTLE MORE RAM (6/1) . . .Another claimed out of his last race and is jumping way up in class. Four race winning streak will be put to the test. Wants lead, so do others. Tough task.

9 - FOX VALLEY TOUCHE (5/2) . . .Been taking on much tougher lately. Went a huge mile in the Violet last time out and nearly pulled off the upset. Coming from the second tier can be tricky, but with clear sailing, she wins this for fun.
6 - COLE BLUE (15/1) . . .Battled to some crazy fractions last week before fading. There does not appear to be as much speed inside of her this time. Should get to the top and could be tough to collar.
4 - TIMELESS ARTIST (8/1) . . .Liked her last week and a tough trip got the best of her. If she can avoid a first over voyage, she can compete for second place honors.
7 - MAKENA CAT (8/1) . . .Came on late to get up for third last week. Can be a factor in here with live cover.
1 - SHE'S AUTOMATIC (3/1) . . .Finally put it all together and picked up the overdue win last week. Will be in the mix once again.
8 - VIP FILLY (12/1) . . .Gave a good account of herself last week at this level, finishing a close fourth. Will need her best, and some luck to sneak in this.
2 - STARDOM BOUND (12/1) . . .Returns from the HOP, where she won two in a row over cheaper. Has had success here in the past and gets services of Oosting. Could contend for a minor award.
3 - SKINNY JEANS (9/2) . . .Looks a little off her game. Can be rugged on the front. Perhaps reunion with Marcus can re-ignite the spark.
5 - SHE'SABADBELLE (15/1) . . .Has not raced since May. Did not show much in qualifier. Let's give her a race.

8 - WINDY CITY JOANN (15/1) . . .Was turned back by a tough winner last week. This field looks easier, but the post is an obvious concern. Might try to blast from here. Could surprise at huge odds.
1 - DASHING MAJORETTE (9/2) . . .Flashes big speed at times. Might try to wire these and could be tough to reel in if she can get away with an easy quarter.
7 - TOWNLINE KENYA (3/1) . . .Got up just in time last week. This field does not look much tougher. Could grind out another.
2 - IM A SALLY SUE (15/1) . . .Finally draws an inside post. Might try to sit behind the #1 and look to pounce in the lane. Hard to rule out.
4 - CUZIMADEMYMINDUP (6/1) . . .Not sure what is happening with this one. Showed promise early in the meet, but last few have been dismal. Perhaps reunion with Todd Warren will help.
5 - CHALLENGE MY HEART (6/1) . . .Rarely wins, but gets close at times. With live cover, she could grab a share of this.
9 - SHES ASTREOS (7/1) . . .Perfect trip last week and finished second. Will need to carve a trip from here. Outside shot at hitting the ticket.
6 - PARTY TIL THE AM (12/1) . . .Claimed out of her last race and steps up in class here. Has had success on this track, but will be tested against these.
3 - COLE STAR (10/1) . . .Holding her own with cheaper. Looks overmatched against these.

9 - BAUER'S Z TAM (9/2) . . .Came through for us at big odds last week. Takes on tougher, but went a monster mile last time. Have to string along.
1 - M M WEST (7/2) . . .Steps up after getting claimed last week. Oosting and the rail are a tough combo. Figures to be in the mix.
2 - GAR (3/1) . . .Been holding his own with tougher lately. Fits very well here.
8 - SWEEET TALKIN TOM (6/1) . . .Went a brutal trip last week. Is looking at another tough trip from here. Can be trouble if he can clear.
3 - CELEBRITY BEST (8/1) . . .Last couple were dull. Taking on easier here. Could show improvement.
4 - LARRY'S PLACE (12/1) . . .Been in over his head the last few weeks. Drops to more manageable spot. Looks dangerous.
5 - ALLAMERICAN BOMBER (15/1) . . .Made a three-wide move last week before flattening out. Fits with these. Live cover would help cause.
6 - GEORGE'S ZTAM (12/1) . . .Last was somewhat dull. Prior races were solid. Another longshot that looks live. Use in that High-Five.
7 - LAWSUIT (10/1) . . .Just missed against cheaper in last. Is in solid form and is one of many that can be right there with a little racing luck.



$1 Pick 4 (Races 11 - 14):
1,6 / 9 / 1,2,7,8 / 1,2,8,9 = $32.00
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Even when you know, you never know...
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have fun win money

« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2012, 06:12:55 AM »

charlie had about capping the balmoral programs on wed and saturday
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may the horse be with you
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