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Author Topic: Maywood Selections - July 5th  (Read 867 times)
Charlie Horse
Jr. Member
Posts: 62

« on: July 05, 2012, 11:51:14 AM »

Maywood Park Selections for Thursday, July 5, 2012
(Program odds in parentheses)

2 - THE BRUZILIAN BLUR (5/2) . . .Parlayed perfect trip to an upset win. Could get another good trip here. Appears capable of repeating.
5 - DUNE IN RED (9/5) . . .Reunion with Oosting could help resume winning ways. Early move likely.
4 - INCREDIBLE FILLY (6/1) . . .Made two moves in Maywood debut last week. Barn wins at good clip. Looks like the best of the rest.
1 - THANK YOU DOC  & 1a - DOLLY DUNE (7/2) . . .DOC raced very well to finish third in debut. Could build off that effort. DUNE is making first start. Probably needs a race.
3 - LIZZABELLE (12/1) . . .Made a three wide move before flattening out last time. Needs to do more to knock these off.
6 - MYSTICAL DANICA (8/1) . . .Erv Miller trainee did not show too much in qualifiers. Always respect this barn. Watch tote for any clues.

8 - MESSIE HANOVER (7/2) . . .Tough task from out here, but this one has been keeping better company in recent races. Does not have much to beat here. Hoping she fires off the gate and gets control early.
7 - AMBER'S STRIDE (3/1) . . .Made a big move and finished a close second last week against a softer field. Can be right in the thick of this with another well-timed move.
3 - TWELVE JEMS (6/1) . . .Having trouble staying flat. Is a risky proposition.
5 - BONJOUR MADAM (2/1) . . .Broke before the start, recovered, and raced well enough to finish second. Another risky sort, but looks to have the talent to compete with these if she can mind her manners.
1 - GIADA (10/1) . . .Was parked much of the way from the eight post last week. Should have a much easier trip from here. Has some speed and could hang around for a slice.
2 - IAMLOVEDBYTHEKING (15/1) . . .Finished far, far back last week. Needs to bring much more.
4 - EVENING GOWN (8/1) . . .Winless in 35 career starts. Has not been close in a while. Pass.
6 - HAROLDS MISTRESS (20/1) . . .BMP shipper was not close at all against cheaper in last. Hard to endorse.

8 - PLEZEN MR HACKER (12/1) . . .Giving this gal the nod in a tough race. With her good speed, she should get to the top, despite the post. Likes to win, especially at Maywood, where she owns 15 victories to her credit. She nearly held them off last week and she will be tough to collar once again. Price sure looks right.
5 - ALYCOLE (4/1) . . .Showed some late pace last week and got up for second. Can be part of this with another late burst.
3 - FOX VALLEY KATRINA (5/2) . . .Been competitive with these kind in her last two races. Gets Oosting here and he could put her over the top.
4 - ANIGHTWITHWILMA (3/1) . . .Has not hit the board in seven tries this year, but her last couple were better. Was parked out last time and was still close at the end. An easier trip might be all this one needs to end the drought.
1 - ECHOES IN MY SOUL (12/1) . . .Broke stride late and it cost her a chance at the money. Should have good position from here and will be in the mix to hit the board for the first time this year.
2 - RIVER TSUNAMI (8/1) . . .Takes on easier and draws inside. Does not like to win, but rates as a strong possibility to hit the ticket with the right trip.
6 - INTIMATE HALL (15/1) . . .Has not been in the money in 12 starts this year. Has not been all that close lately. Pass.
7 - WAND'S COWGIRL (6/1) . . .Rather dull effort last time out against these. Needs to do more.

6 - DIANA'S CANCAN (9/5) . . .Was tons the best last week. If she can bring another effort like that, she'll probably crush this field too. WINNER: $2.20, $2.10, $2.10
8 - SILK SNEAKERS (8/1) . . .Comes into this off a sharp third at BMP. Was a nice winner last time she raced here. Will need a big effort from here, but she looks capable.
2 - CAROLINA YANKEE (20/1) . . .Making third lifetime start. Appears to have had excuses in first two starts. With a clean trip, this one figures to be much more of a factor here. Could blow up the tote board.
5 - LADY HAMMER (12/1) . . .Raced evenly in her debut last week. If she builds off that experience, she could be more of a factor here.
4 - JENNA W RIVNDEL (15/1) . . .Judges scratch last week. Was impeded in her only other start this year. Showed speed in her qualifier back on 5/24. Not sure what to make of this one yet. Keep an eye on the tote.
1 - TICKET TIME (6/1) . . .Never in position to contend against the #6 last week. Could see her in a much better light from here. Hard to rule out.
7 - FALL'S DELIGHT (7/2) . . .Was no match for the #6 last week. Hard to see her turning the tables from out here.
3 - DARING BEAUTY (9/2) . . .Stopped badly against BMP claimers last time out. Will need to do more against these.

5 - FOX VALLEY SAM (3/1) . . .Raced without cover in debut and still managed third. Should improve off that effort and could be all set to graduate.
7 - NJ'S GO JOHNNY GO (8/1) . . .Returns after a successful go of it down at the fairs. Prior races at Maywood were decent. Gets Oosting here and rates highly.
6 - FOX VALLEY RAINIER (6/1) . . .Was a non-factor in three-year-old debut at SPR. Took on some toughies last season. Keep an eye on tote board here.
3 - HEEZANARTIST (4/1) . . .Raced evenly last time to finish fourth. Will probably seek another good early spot and could hang on for a slice.
1 - FRONTIER SCOUT (10/1) . . .Was never in it from the BMP 10 post last time. Should be in much better position from here. Winless in 16 starts.
2 - PULL THE PLUGS (12/1) . . .Was not much of a factor in last two. Needs to do more to spring upset.
4 - BOYS OF FALL (12/1) . . .Having trouble competing against BMP claimers. Does show speed in lines. Could be involved early.
8 - DONTEVENMESSWITHME (15/1) . . .Winless in 27 starts. Has not come close lately. Hard to like from here.

8 - NIGHT'S ALL NIGHT (4/1) . . .Broken equipment cost her last time out. Suffered a parked mile in previous race. Appears to be a major contender in here, just needs a clean trip.
1 - ARIZONA TALES (5/2) . . .Pulled off the upset in convincing fashion last week. Should sit in the pocket once again. No surprise to see her repeat.
2 - ALLAMERICAN VIRGIN (3/1) . . .Improved post position for this one could make the difference. Early move likely.
6 - SHESGOTWHTEVERITIS (6/1) . . .Winless on the year in 18 tries, but tossed hint last week. Hard to put on top, but looks usable underneath.
3 - PINFOOT (10/1) . . .Drops back down to a more competitive spot here. Winless in 23 starts, but is another that can hit the money with some clear sailing late.
4 - NASHVILLE KITTY (8/1) . . .Wired a much easier field last time. Will have to work harder to get top from here. Does get Oosting. Hard to completely toss.
5 - EASTER ICON (12/1) . . .BMP shipper has not won in ages. Has not been close to hitting the board in months. Pass.
7 - VELVET GIRL (15/1) . . .Recent races rather dull. Will need to improve drastically to pull this off from out here.

1 - ROSERAIRE NZ (9/2) . . .Drops in class and draws rail. Shows speed in lines. Could be tough to catch from here.
4 - STEPH'S MELODY (5/2) . . .Making second start for Affrunti barn. Three wide move came up short last week. Figures to be in the mix once again.
3 - A PATCHY SUN (3/1) . . .Weakened late after some quick fractions. Could seek top, or two-hole, and could grab a big share of this.
2 - MS KATE (8/1) . . .Had everything her own way on the lead last time out and lost a heartbreaker. Will sit behind #1 and hope for seam late.
5 - MACKENZIE'S POWER (12/1) . . .Was a non-factor from the eight post last time. Should be much more competitive from here.
6 - HARRIET POTTER (8/1) . . .Perfect trip winner last time out. Will have to work harder, but is capable.
7 - KB'S TK (15/1) . . .Just missed against easier in last. Has tough assignment from out here. Will need her best to get up for a minor award.
8 - MY GIRL LORA (20/1) . . .Judges scratch last time. Was not remotely close in any recent races. Pass.
9 - LADY ANN SPUR (15/1) . . .Last couple were bleak. Passing for now.

7 - MJ'S LAST DANCE (6/1) . . .Won impressively last week. Went a big second half and blew the doors off that field. Could be good enough to repeat.
1 - FREAKN FRIDAY (7/2) . . .Rail and reunion with Marcus will help. She won last time he drove. Will look for an opening late.
5 - CUZIMADEMYMINDUP (3/1) . . .Recent races on the dull side. Switch to Oosting could turn things around.
4 - SUMMER PARTY (15/1) . . .Looked like she was starting to come on last week before going on a break. Had success here earlier. Can be part of this with a flat mile.
6 - SHE'S AUTOMATIC (5/2) . . .Is usually a contender, but seems to find ways to lose. Will be in the mix again with live cover.
3 - WINDY CITY JOANN (8/1) . . .Raced well to get up for third last week. Is often a factor and it would not be a surprise to see her hit the money once again.
8 - IM A SALLY SUE (15/1) . . .Crushed an easier field last time out. Will need her best to knock these off.
2 - SHES ASTREOS (12/1) . . .Was a non-factor against cheaper in last. Looks overmatched with these.

4 - TOPVILLE BRIDGETTE (7/2) . . .Easy winner last time out. These don't look much tougher. Should be good enough for another.
1 - SUN DREAM (3/1) . . .BMP shipper has been showing speed before fading. Drawing the rail makes her very interesting. Appears to be the main rival to the above.
3 - PHOBIC PRINCESS (5/2) . . .Just destroyed an easier field last time out. Hard to rule out.
6 - FAVORITE (6/1) . . .Another coming into this off an impressive victory. Will look for cover and try to sweep past late. Capable.
8 - BELLVALLEY MIRACLE (8/1) . . .Was a far back second to a runaway winner last week. Is typically in the mix somewhere. Needs her best from out here.
2 - KID ANNETTA (10/1) . . .Rarely wins, but hits the board on occasion. Will sit inside and hope to find some room late. Maybe a minor award.
5 - CAM'S WARHAWK (12/1) . . .Showed some good speed leaving from the eight post last time. Will need more stamina to hold these off.
7 - SKYWAY LENA (15/1) . . .Last few were dull. Will need to improve to challenge these from here.

7 - HUES ARTISTIC LADY (5/2) . . .Handled these last time she raced here. Looks good enough to grind out another.
5 - JUDY'S JET (7/2) . . .Was second best to the above last time they squared off here. Will be right there once again.
9 - BLISSFULL DREAMER (6/1) . . .Reunited with Oosting, who has had success with this one in the past. Can contend with clear sailing.
6 - JUSTAFRENDLYGESTUR (12/1) . . .Lacked room last week. Might try to follow up cover and hope for the best late. Not completely out of this.
8 - POWER AND PURPOSE (15/1) . . .Sick scratch last time. Speedball will likely blast and hope for the best. Can be rugged on the top if ready to roll.
2 - ANITA HAMMER (9/2) . . .Not much of a factor from the eight post last time. Should be in much better position from here. Hard to rule out.
1 - CAMILLE ROSE (15/1) . . .Last couple have been dull. Rail could help her get back on track.
4 - PICKAPLACETOPARK (8/1) . . .Winless in 19 starts this year. Last week's effort was rather dull. Needs to do more.
3 - WINDY CITY DIANE (15/1) . . .Impeded last week and never really threatened. Prior races don't inspire much confidence.

3 - BP'S BIG GIRL (6/1) . . .BMP shipper shows speed in lines. Will likely seek control and could be very tough to catch.
1 - LOOKER HOTSPUR (3/1) . . .Drops in class and draws the rail. Does not win that often, but should be contention from here.
2 - LITTLE SWEETHEART (8/1) . . .Set slow fractions and held on for third last week. Could seek another good early spot and be in the mix again.
4 - CHALLENGE MY HEART (7/2) . . .Gets close at times. Might have to come first over from here.
5 - TOWNLINE KENYA (9/2) . . .Was never really in it from the eight post last time. Oosting returns and he could have this one on or near the lead. Has hit the board in five of six races here.
9 - MIKAYLA'S ROCKETTE (10/1) . . .Been holding her own against easier. Will need her best to spring the upset.
7 - TWILIGHT DELIGHT (15/1) . . .Last few were dull. Needs to do much more to pull this off from out here.
8 - LYFSLYKABOXACHOCLT (12/1) . . .Looks like she has some valid excuses for her last two. Prior races were dull. Hard to like from this spot.
6 - TRENDY L (15/1) . . .Takes on easier, but has not shown much of anything lately. Passing for now.

9 - KB'S TAYLOR (5/2) . . .Parked the mile last time out. Can handle these with an easier trip.
7 - DARN SKIPPIE (6/1) . . .Has been chasing a bit tougher in recent weeks. Could find these more to his liking.
5 - MY SECRET WEAPON (9/2) . . .Winless in 20 starts, but has been tossing hints lately. Looks like he needs to get rolling a little sooner to have a chance.
6 - JOSTING JACK (8/1) . . .Been taking on tougher lately. Appears to fit very well with these.
1 - CAPTAIN RICE (7/2) . . .Has some speed and with the rail, he should be in the mix throughout.
2 - COLTINS PLACE (15/1) . . .Last several have been ugly. But, he is taking on easier here and turns the reins over to Oosting. Could be the surprise packet.
3 - ROLS ROYCE MINDALE (10/1) . . .Last race was dull. Scratched sick out of previous race. Pass for now.
4 - INDIAN RIDGE ZAK (12/1) . . .Has not done much in his last four. Needs to show improvement before rating any higher.
8 - CARDINAL BLISS (20/1) . . .Was a non-factor in a needed race last time. Probably needs another race.

DIANA'S CANCAN (4th): WINNER: $2.20, $2.10, $2.10

PLEZEN MR HACKER (3rd) - Finished eighth
BP'S BIG GIRL (11th) - Finished sixth

$1 Pick 4 (Races 8 - 11):
1,5,7 / 1,3,4,6 / 5,7,9 / 3 = $36.00 - 2 of 4
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