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Author Topic: colic  (Read 1787 times)
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« on: August 02, 2011, 12:13:35 AM »

Saturday evening at 7:20 pm i recieved a call from my neighbor concerning a 30 yr old american quarter horse which belonged to her husband who recently passed away.  I immediately responed to her for one i know how special the horse is to her.  I gave her my vet's phone number. The vet advised her to get some mineral oil as she was busy on another call. She didn't have any so i found her some and went to her ranch which was an hour away from me. When i arrived she told me the vet would come but it would be at least 3 hours before he could get to her place. the vet had told her to administer some banamine and she did. When i arrived the was some better but still stressed and in pain. So the first thing i did was to check the stool for sand colic. The was no sand in the stool but had hay that had not been digested and was severly dehydrated. Cappillary refill was at least a 5 -10 . We began the mineral oil and 1 cup of farco and 1 quart of yogurt. I then began some accupuncture ,the ears and at the croup messagin with my fingertips also took vitals temp was 99.7 degress ,and heart rate was 62 but nostrils were still flared and breathing was very laboured .no lower gut sounds , slight upper sounds. By now it has been at least 2hours and  I am losing hope. I am not a vet I only love horses . By this time my friend has given up also. She tells me "we have done all we can" but i would not
allow that. I told her that if we had done all that we could do the horse would be alot better. If we had done
 all we could we would have finished giving the mineral oil and loaded the horse in the trailer and took him for a short ride then i would have felt we had done all we could do. So i am getting ready to leave the horse is in the front yard and there has been no bowell movements and no passing gas nothing as i walk off the horse begans to pass gas . Amen !!!! What a sweet sound !!!! Thank ya Jesus !!! The horse is fine and well today. He is back to normal. Just thought i would pass this on just to say never give up GOD does work in mysterous ways. He is still control. I fell like it was putting a nickel ina slot machine and hit the jackpot. So my hat is off to you guys thanks a million for your post. Oh by the way the horses name is "Happy" and i know he thanks you too.!!!
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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2011, 07:01:33 AM »

Wonderful outcome! It's hard with the old horses sometimes because their digestive tracts are slowing down and they just cannot process things the way they used to. My Mom lost her 36 year old Anglo Arab (my Mom was 14 when she got her as a baby) last year after several small bouts of colic caused her body to slowly start shutting down. She had the fatty tumors in her intestines that come with very old age and the surgery to remove them would have been too much for her at 36. I worry about it with my 29 year old TB now....but I know that most ex-racehorses like him aren't even given the chance to reach his age, and he has lived a very full life. I think my Standardbreds keep him young since they "force" him to play with them on a daily basis.
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