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Author Topic: HOOSIER SUNDAY=HOT TO TROT  (Read 1131 times)
off stride

« on: April 06, 2006, 06:59:08 PM »

thirteen races and 8 of them are trots, not a field less than 10, cant wait to 'cap it.. love the trotters..

Sunday Apr09, 2006 Post Time: 6:45

1st $5,200.00 INSNW1/5KL Trot
1. Jw Singletree (J Cross)
2. Jl Loogootee Man (H Yoder)
3. Great Investment (D Rideout)
4. Hoosier Tommy ( Rheinheimer M/L)
5. It's Me Honey (L Raber)
6. B For U (E Coblentz)
7. Sovereign Ranger (J Edwards)
8. Genesis Dollars (J Putnam)
9. Au Digr Bluegrass (R Macomber Jr)
10. American Babe (P Steury)
A1. Patti's Gift (D Eash)
A2. Windy C (S Brannan)

2nd $4,500.00 FMNW1/5KLT Pace
1. Fox Valley Octavia (T Tetrick)
2. Jj's Hollywood (J Whisman)
3. All Current (W Schwartz)
4. Im No Indian ( Sutton/Hessjl)
5. Sporty Dumpling (S Pletcher)
6. Leah Yankee (W Haynes Jr)
7. Hammock (A Miller)
8. Dial For Dollars (D Eash)
9. Taranup (J Putnam)
10. Little Miss Meg ( Macomber/Haynes)

3rd $4,500.00 NW1/5KLT Trot
1. Hoosier's Heyday (B Bates)
2. Dirt Hog (J Dailey)
3. Power Strike (H Beatty Jr)
4. Lf Gulf Score (S Hedington)
5. Fox Valley Amber (D Eash)
6. Genesis Takeaction (B Brower)
7. Classic Spartan (J Essig Jr)
8. Quincy Lad (J Cross)
9. Castle Leed ( Essig/Batesb)
10. Petes Pride ( Macomber/Sutton)
A1. Ens Curious (E Coblentz)
A2. Summer Bash (D Cromer)

4th $5,000.00 NW2/10LTCD Trot
1. Master Marceau (M Peterson)
2. Go To Jo (H Mc Cann)
3. Blowlowsanta (L Nickells)
4. Fancy N Diamonds (R Farrington)
5. Malibu Marley (J Essig Jr)
6. Bj's Charge King (D Simpson)
7. Boney Fingers ( Bates/Petrsn/Br)
8. American Master (J Nisonger)
9. Cook Station Lady (D Eash)
10. Sabrina Leebrook (J Sutton)

5th $4,500.00 CL5000NW Pace
1. Brooklets Bojangle (J Whisman)
2. Banana Bo (J Sutton)
3. Noble Grinder (R Wilson)
4. Little Tlc ( Sutton/Nisonger)
5. Direct Dragon (W Irvine)
6. Blazed N Confused ( Macomber/Sutton)
7. Matt Dillon ( Nisonger/Sutton)
8. Advanced Art (J Whisman)
9. Tattler T (T Tetrick)
10. Buff The Stuff (C Conrad)

6th $6,000.00 IS34 LEG 2 Trot
2. Gg's Joe ( Cross/Runyon)
1. Miss Savannah (R Gray)
1A. Dusty Lane Shady (N Coleman)
3. Pathway's Strength (B Carpenter)
4. Time To Tell ( Cross/Putnm/Lth)
5. Private Code ( Essig/Barnes)
6. Mazuma Bluegrass (R Macomber Jr)
7. Secret Boy (M Peterson)
8. Genesis Curtis (J Putnam)
9. Ginger Gayle (D Eash)
10. Genesis Daydream ( Cross/Putnm/Hop)
11. Awesome Tooter (N Coleman)

7th $4,500.00 NW1600L4CD Trot
1. First Class Line (E Coblentz)
2. Trio Bolero G (N Hodkinson)
3. Team Lavec ( Putnam/Essig)
4. Pines Machine Gun (T Luther)
5. Ms Taylor (B Brower)
6. Class A Comer (M Peterson)
7. He's A Big Dude (R Wilson)
8. Arnie's Kite (B White)
9. Hollys Diamond Lil (J Nisonger)
10. Big Bad Buford (M Hollenback)
A1. Mj Kay Rena (V Yoder)
A2. Two Weeks Notice (R Farrington)

8th $4,500.00 CL5000NW Pace
1. Lucky Dreamer (J Essig Jr)
2. Staley Lane (K Kauffman)
3. Tribal Chief (W Downs)
4. Vantastic Shark (W Schwartz)
5. Out of Us Kash (W Haynes Jr)
6. Khaki Cam ( Sutton/Nisonger)
7. Viking Eclipse (T Luther)
8. Townations Home (W Haynes Jr)
9. Macperfect (K Roehm)
10. El Personal Pace (J Whisman)

9th $6,000.00 IS34 LEG 2 Trot
1. Willy Be Big (B Barnes)
2. Sweet Kelvy (D Rideout)
3. Hoosier Fest (L Raber)
4. Mimi's Express (N Coleman)
5. Range **el (J Edwards)
6. Pine World (J Sutton)
7. Summit (R Yoder)
8. Daisy Jo (R Reisert)
9. Vas Maneist (R Gray Jr.)
10. B L Starchip (D Eash)
11. Savage Warrior (J Cross)

10th $8,500.00 NW4500L4CD Trot
1. Laser Action (R Macomber Jr)
2. Dc Wizzing Music (W Haynes Jr)
3. Classic Pine (J Putnam)
4. Primetime Ranger (J Cross)
5. Vaundman Bluegrass (R Macomber Jr)
6. Secret Star (J Nisonger)
7. Cc Love That Red (S Waller)
8. D Money (D Cromer)
9. Hoosier Gazette (A Miller)
10. I'm A Lola Too (J Cross)
A1. Grampa T (L Nickells)
A2. Fond Memories (T Hall)

11th $4,500.00 CL5000 Pace
1. Wichita ( Essig/Whj/Whism)
2. Cabana Kid (J Nisonger)
3. Springhouse'ndixie ( Sutton/Nisonger)
4. Kari's Chief ( Sutton/Luther)
5. That's Art (J Essig Jr)
6. Scott's Trouble ( Deaton/Wiz/Sttn)
7. Medoland Bud (E Deaton)
8. O's Johnny Bravo (T Tetrick)
9. Jordan's Big Dog (J Sutton)
10. Shy Wally A (K Reohm)

12th $22,000.00 INVITE HCP Trot
2. Mac Port (K Kauffman)
3. Strike Till Dawn ( Putnam/Essig)
4. Lifes A Holiday (W Haynes Jr)
1. Hillcrest Victory (D Eash)
5. Bubba Dunn ( Tba)
6. Awesome Tom (N Coleman)
7. Big Boy Josh (C Conrad)
1A. Duke of Love (D Eash)
8. Another Lindy (N Hodkinson)
9. Hope's Victory (T Hall)

13th $5,000.00 NW2/10KLTC Pace
1. Brandodge ( Whisman/Macombr)
2. A B Spur ( Essig/Millera)
3. The Hurricane (J Nisonger)
4. General Tipton ( Omara/Berry)
5. Indy Dreamer (J Putnam)
6. Topville Dynamite (M Peterson)
7. Under Act ( Sutton/Hollnbck)
8. Goodbye Mr Yankee (J Sutton)
9. Look Who's Talking (C Conrad)
10. Father In Law (T Luther)
A1. Operative Hug (D Eash)
A2. Cash Only Please (K Kauffman)

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