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Author Topic: Random Indiana Notes & Quotes  (Read 12558 times)
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« Reply #125 on: January 10, 2013, 11:30:28 AM »

Your "Education Services" are always a clear example of how a little knowledge in the wrong hands can be a very dangerous even comical event.

Drivers are considered Independent Contractors with the racetracks.  You first error is trying to establish a nonexistent wall of separation between Casino and Track Operations.  As if one exists completely independent of the other.  The Casino's ownership has been already pointed here to be comingled in the corporate umbrella of parent ownership. The casino subsidy is the sole reason Indiana Downs was built!  The casino pays welfare payments to the racetrack for purses that Marcus Miller is paid from, so I didn't even need to play the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation to make a DIRECT CONNECTION from Marcus Miller to the Casino!
You Lose! screwy

Using your logic of this NON-EXISTENT wall of separation between track and casino, Don Irvine Jr should NEVER have been suspended for pissing on a slot machine.  The alcohol related incident did not occur at the track or affect his ability to drive horses he was programed to drive.  So why aren't you screaming bloody murder that Don Irvine was treated unfairly?  Maybe the reason is misconduct by a racetrack "Driving Celebrity" at the Casino or Racetrack reflects negatively on BOTH OPERATIONS! doh

I sure there is no shortage of horsemen reading this who have had licenses in good standing that had their disciplinary hearings go through the proper channels for far less severe actions then Marcus Miller's, yet Marcus Miller gets special treatment and his penalty is structured to NOT affect his ability to drive in other jurisdictions! bowing  

had to bump this to show how dumb this fool say he got special treatment but Marcus was suspended just like Irvine you idiot.....he got a 6 month suspension from Indiana......any track can choose who they want to drive there and they dont need  much of a reason but 9it doesnt carry over to other states if it is not a racing infraction............reading this topic will truly show you how dumb this fool is
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« Reply #126 on: January 10, 2013, 05:45:27 PM »

Indiana doesn't play the fool like Illinois has and continues to do . Where else can a brutal driver and an off the track total idiot like Slasher Sutton be allowed to race besides Illinois .
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