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Author Topic: Another OT political thread  (Read 256949 times)

« Reply #5300 on: September 18, 2009, 12:09:01 AM »

Also, no reply to Alan Dershowitz (lefty) who said "Recent disclosures of Carter's extensive financial connections to Arab oil money, particularly from Saudi Arabia, had deeply shaken my belief in his integrity".

Now come on. Mr. Dershowitz is hardly someone with a reputation for what one might call a disinterested scholar on the subject of Israel. Feel free to Google him - after all, the Internet is never wrong.  Roll Eyes

Please do everyone a favor, and choose a different expert.
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Hero Member
Posts: 6548

« Reply #5301 on: September 18, 2009, 12:36:55 AM »

And you, Dolfan, should be utterly ashamed to bring Dershowitz material to the forum and call him in any way, shape, or form some sort of dispassionate objective authority on this subject.

my logic is that they provided no proof of actual anti-Semitism

And you, counselor, have not provided that.

In the U.S. one ethnic group can just toss another off its land by force and start building itself new homes? Oh wait ... I guess we did that with the Indians. But I mean, today?

This is such a bogus argument it defies belief. You're implying the world should feel some guilt because there was no Israel prior to WWII ? Nope, sorry, rejected. The world owes no one a living, as we've often been reminded.

Now, hopefully, you don't need to be reminded that you're playing the same old worn out guilt card the Palestinians had nothing to do with, and that less than 70 years ago the country we now call Israel was part of a somewhat dubious British protectorate called Trans-Jordan (?) forced on the region by WWI, and was already inhabited by people who been there thousands of years. People who are now somewhat understandably pissed off about the world feeling guilty and establishing a homeland for Hitler's victims in Palestine at the expense of the current residents, that eventually turned into terrorism, and finally a war of conquest to establish the state of Israel, in the process kicking those long time inhabitants off their ancestral lands and totally disenfranchising them - pissed off just as you and I would be had it happened to us.

How then did the USA managed to grow and prosper those 170 years without an Israel?

But you know, that opinion of yours about the importance of the state of Israel (as well as the claims of Palestinians) is exactly the American debate that should be able to be held in public without all dissenters being blasted as anti-Semitic.

This is where you get really ignorant.

1 - Why would I not bring up The Dersh?  He's a lefty who supported Carter until he saw the evidence for himself.  The perfect witness to me.

2 - One "ethnic" group building on the other's territory only started from the attack by Jordan on Israel in 1967, not to mention the Egyptians & Lebanese.  Israel took over strategic areas to protect itself from more wars.  Int'l law permits that.  Israel took no areas except from those attacks.

3 - It's no secret that many Arab states would love to see Israel destroyed.  They've talk about it over & over again.  Need "evidence"?  Just read the newspaper.

4 - I said since Israel's laws very much mirror America's, you cannot approve of the USA & disapprove Israel & not be anti-semitic.  I stand by that because it is logic.  I would say the same thing about any other nation.

5 - Maybe you are an anti-semite.  I don't know.  You certainly support this president & Carter.  Clinton & Bush both tried to get the 2 sides to agree.  Clinton aides have said repeatedly that Israel was willing to "give away the house" but Arafat turned them down.

6 - Anyone reasonable knows for a fact that Hamas, the Palestinian-elected leaders are terrorists.  Israel is looking to live in peace.  They are surrounded by enemies.  We cannot fathom the threat (of existence) that Israel faces.

7 - Your Holocaust reference: the only thing I can say is F**K you, as this has nothing to do with guilt.  This has to do with a place to turn to when you are being systematically murdered because of your beliefs.  We just can't imagine someone from the Government coming in to our homes, taking our property, our businesses, our personal things & finally our lives.  This is what happened.  It is not a game, not a guilt trip you total moron!

I am finished arguing hopelessly with you.

So go take your POS Obama & your POS Carter and join the other members who are just as worthless as you.  I now finally remember why I put your ass on "ignore" - I don't need your aggravation.  You live in your own little world, likely by yourself with no family, you probably get your government checks to pay for your one source of entertainment - the internet.  You probably fantasize about the circle jerk that you keep referencing.  In any case, you are truly pathetic & you have my sympathy.

We will never forget 9/11 & we will never forget The Holocaust.  We owe that to every soul that cries out to be remembered & to all of those who were witnesses.  We Will Remember!

Buffaloboy, you can take over from here.
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We can produce more wealth, but we cannot produce more time.  When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never get back.
race track phil

« Reply #5302 on: September 18, 2009, 12:56:06 AM »

mccain think?  id like to know what he was thinking when he made his wife miss buffalochip 2008

you dont want to go into that squirrelcage
            I think McCain was a military man and his opinion on the military decisions is respected . Big deal he didn't know about the buffalo chip , just like Obama at Ayers house for a fund raiser . You want to open up cages ?

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race track phil

« Reply #5303 on: September 18, 2009, 01:07:24 AM »

The House and The Senate both voted late Thursday afternoon to stop funding ACORN.

How foolish does the forum PUPPETERRY look now when he said The ACORN story was no big deal.He posted over and over  the cretins were the only ones saying it was a big deal. Must be an awful lot of cretins in the House and Senate.

 beer beer beer beer beer beer

      Niatross ,   You beat me to the punch !!   Yes indeed idiot Terry thought it wasn't a big deal he thought his brother loons think like him and thank the lord they all don't think like a moron .  Lets face the truth though even loons like Terry were forced to act by the great exposers FOX you know the network that kept to the task of exposing the criminals .  You know the one Terry knocks !!!  What did the others DO ? NOTHING except a minute on the subject !!  At least CNN gave it some coverage . Charlie looking over his glasses Gibson another fraud journalist laughed and said he never heard about it and why is that because his people didn't think it was anything big .  IDIOTS .

      Terry once again has showed he is the BTW clown poster !

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race track phil

« Reply #5304 on: September 18, 2009, 01:34:23 AM »

       Dolfan ,

         Your last post was excellent and I'm sure you now understand why I attack this scum of human Terry daily . He is an insult to this forum with his twisting replies full of lies and complete nonsense posts . He only wants to aggravate posters with arguements that hardly make sense just to get his filthy nuts off everyday . I said it before and i'll say it again he is a *** that would never say the things he says to a person face to face .

     You are an easy going guy and for him to rev you up that bad he must have said something awful !  I hardly read his boring over and over posts of bullshit . I assume it was something about the holocaust by your post .

    I commend you for giving him a word lashing , but honestly it does not matter to him what anybody thinks because he believes he is above anyone that doesn't share his belief and that in itself is a sick person !! 

    I use to be a very violent person and as I have aged I sometimes reflect and say to myself I'm glad that Iam not that same person that would beat another person up badly for just saying something disrespectful or stiffing me in a poolgame for 5 bucks !

    Just stupid reasons to act a fool and give me a reason to think the person had the beating coming . I have changed 95 % ! 

    Terry brings out that 5 % that makes me think about my youth and what I would do to him for the nasty remarks he has made on this thread !!

    I just hope he opens his month in the wrong place someday and he runs into a young man like I was and beats the living shit out of him and as much as I have changed he brings those old thoughts to my head that I DO NOT LIKE TODAY .

     I have a lot of respect for you and quite a few others on this forum even though we sometimes disagree !  We don't hate !   TERRY HATES


       One more thing that dago piece of shit Garafalo tattoed moron should just shut her nasty mouth . 

      I hope that doesn't make me a racist !!
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