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Author Topic: Turf - interview with M. Stoute, P. Reynolds  (Read 1086 times)
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« on: October 25, 2008, 06:07:31 PM »

An interview with:

ERIC WING:  Back in the interview room with the connections of Conduit.  They just won the Breeders' Cup Turf.  And on the left are the winning trainers, Sir Michael Stoute, his fourth career Breeders' Cup win, and his third win in the Breeders' Cup Turf.  And next to him, on our right is Peter Reynolds.  He is the operator of Ballymacoll Stud.
   Congratulations, gentlemen.  First thing I'll say, Michael, when looking at your past turf winners like Pilsudski and Kalanisi, where does Conduit fit in that high echelon of hors flesh?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  He's a very promising horse.  He's a 3‑year‑old.  Pilsudski was 4, Kalanisi was 4, as well.  He keeps getting better, this horse, that's the exciting thing about him.
   ERIC WING:  On behalf of the owners, it's great to have so many good 3‑year‑olds have won at the Breeders' Cup this year.  What might be the plan for Conduit going forward?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  I think you'll have to ask the person you were just speaking to.  But all I can say is we've had a fantastic year.  We've had 15 winners now, and we thought we had the highlight when Tartan Bearer just got touched off on the Derby, and then this guy comes along.
   So we didn't win one Group 1 race last year.  This year we've had Group 1, some 2, and some 3.  And some promising 3‑year‑olds for next year, 4‑year‑olds for next year, including Conduit.

   Q.  We hope to be joined by the winning rider, Ryan Moore.  Fans in the United States may not be all that familiar with him.  But fans in great Britain certainly are as the English Riding Champion this year.  Can you tell us about his skills and how they help Conduit and how they make a good fit?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  Yes, well I'm sorry he isn't here.  But he's rushing off to get a plane to France, because he's riding a long show tomorrow.  But for him, the champion jockey in England in '06, and he had an injury last year, and he's champion again this time.  He's just 25.  He's got a great racing brain, and he has a big talent.  You'll be hearing a lot more of him.

   Q.  Could you give us your impressions on the overall running of the race?  It was a little bit oddly run with the pacesetter and Soldier of Fortune chasing his pacesetter.  Meanwhile Ryan and Conduit were nicely relaxed.  What were your thought when's you watched the race unfold?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  Well, when we ran the Golden Stakes at Goodwin, we thought we had too close up to the pace.  And we were drawn 9, so we didn't have great options.  But we thought there should be good pace with the pacemaker.  And Ryan decided he'd get him switched off and just ride a nice, smooth, confident race on him.

   Q.  I believe I should address you, Sir Stout.  I happily respect your title.  Congratulations.  And on the first race at Epsom Derby, Epsom Downs, when it was said there's so much to do, there is very little time left.  And Conduit was 12 lengths off the lead.  But today, given the fact Dettori hit the front like quarter of a mile left, did you ever have the feeling that Ryan may have delayed his challenge too long today?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  No, we felt from that draw that was the way we had to ride him.  We were sure there was going to be a good, honest pace.

   Q.  Would Dettori have ridden the horse if he wasn't on Red Rocks?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  No, Moore is a stable jockey.  And he chose the wrong one in the ledger, so Frankie got lucky that day.
   ERIC WING:  Ryan Moore is the contract rider for Sir Michael Stoute.

   Q.  You mentioned your previous British cup turf winners, were they both retired after their Breeders' Cup victories?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  No, Pilsudski carried on and had a great year as a 5‑year‑old, winning the Irish champion, English champion, and the Japan cup.  The plan is to keep this fellow in training as a 4‑year‑old.

   Q.  What about Kalanisi?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  Kalanisi stayed on as a 4‑year‑old.  But unfortunately after he finished second in the Prince of Wales Royal Ascot, he got an injury, and he had to retire.

   Q.  The hot topic all week on the back side regarded the hot weather going into today and the Europeans have performed very well, top three in the turf, won the mile.  Has it not been as much of a factor as people thought, or did you never think it would be a factor?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  Well, I was here five years ago, it was hotter then, so we knew what we were coming into.  But this is a tough fit, but I have no qualms about it.

   Q.  How come Lasix is not being used by your people?
   SIR MICHAEL STOUTE:  Why we didn't use Lasix?  I never contemplated using Lasix with him.  This horse has never shown any sign of bleeding.  We didn't use it with Pilsudski or Kalanisi.

   Q.  During the summer to (indiscernible) were hitting the three division for you.  Do you think if Conduit had been good enough on Derby Day, he could have beaten New Approach?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  Well, I think he's progressed a lot since Derby Day.  I've never given it deep thought.  That was never the plan.  We're just delighted with the way he's progressing now and the way he's finished his season.

   Q.  How does this fit into your career as a horseman?  Is this the crowning achievement?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  It's the last Group 1 winner we've had, and that's very important to me.

   Q.  Could you see Conduit dropping back to ten furlongs down the line?
   PETER REYNOLDS:  Yes, yes, that would be no problem.
   ERIC WING:  Congratulations on a big performance and a great day.
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