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Author Topic: Where do you bet? vs five years ago?  (Read 666 times)
Kenneth J. Chadwick
Hero Member
Posts: 3047

« on: July 20, 2008, 10:39:29 AM »

Dear Group:

Being Sunday morning, I had some random thoughts about me and also about you in our patterns what we do in life.

Today, I sit behind my computer
          I handicap the races behind my computer AT HOME.
          I use a telephone account called "YouBet"
          When I am done with the horses, I play the Harness, I go to bed which is   
          approximately 20 feet away.  My girl friend of 38 years likes when I am home
          because I am safe.  Sometimes she even gives me an unsolicited kiss  heart.
          She doesn't want to spoil me doh     

Five years ago:
          I handicap the horses before I went to:
          a) OTB
          b) Live Track

I am less than 2 miles away from Maywood
I am less than 8 miles away from OTB

I haven't been to the OTB in three + years.

I have been to Hawthorne 4 times this current meet and will go at least another 4 times.

Balmoral, once in the past 12 months.  Too far.

What are your patterns?

Kenneth J. Chadwick 
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It's a Wonderful Life, let's live every moment like its your last.
looking in
Hero Member
Posts: 4175

« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2008, 10:48:55 AM »

Thirty plus years ago when I was at the track every morning and the grandstand every night I bet a good bit.
Now living away from the track, and only watching races on TV, I would not bet the ponies with monopoly money.

So to answer your question. I didn't bet 5 years ago, and I don't bet now.
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I am just an old "Hoss" trainer, that has been raced hard and put away wet. 
As my Friend from Maine(Ora Stratton) says "There are horse trainers, and then there are real "Hoss" trainers.
Hero Member
Posts: 5091

« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2008, 10:59:32 AM »

Wow! Five years ago.

In the warm weather, I would be doing Belmont Park or Yonkers Raceway every weekend and OTB all the other times. I would hit the Meadowlands three or four times a year with one being for the T'breds. I would be making three trips to Pocono a year. One would be during the time when they would race on Sunday nights so I could have a straight run from Friday through Tuesday and have as many $1.00 Hot Dogs and $1.00 sodas as I could handle and when they werent racing I would sit in their "simulcast facility which then was two SAM Machines, five or six TV's with no sound, some card tables and folding chairs and old fashioned pinball machines just outside it. I would hit Monticello for acard on the way home.

Now, I am doing what you are doing. Its 91 degrees here, I have the a/c on. I will have the TV on with the NYCOTB Channel on with no volume, I have the radio on for the Yankees game, I have a 2-litre bottle of chilled Coke Zero with a tiny bit of ice, a red curlie straw to make it feel tropical and at noon, I am going to place a rack of baby back ribs that have been soaking in a teryaki marinade for two days onto a slow burning BBQ.

I have been to Yonkers a handful of times this year, Belmont twice, I havent been to Pocono yet and I havent been to the Meadowlands or Monti yet
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When will Barn To Wire finally do the right thing and ban Clockerterry & Edwarren for their continued lies, anti-American & anti-semetic statements and their general disrutpive stupidity? 

“The answer to a government that’s too big is to stop feeding its growth.” - President Ronald W. Reagan

« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2008, 12:04:23 PM »

15 yrs ago I was playing at the tracks and OTB'S in IL. going to the DERBY and Breeders Cup.A couple trips a yr to the RED MILE and MEADOWLANDS
10 yrs ago I was playing mostly in IN getting full track prices and the same trips I listed before.
5  yrs ago same only I started doing some betting online.

Now I bet less than I ever have because of what the t-breds have done by adding poly tracks and all the BS with all the lockouts at ADW'S.I will be betting almost always from home unless it is to enjoy an outing with friends.
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balmoral buddy

« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2008, 01:11:26 PM »

Good Topic ...

Five years ago I bet 4 - 6 nights per week - either at the track or at the OTB. Now I rarely bet at all, but if I do it is with an off shore account.

I think you will find a lot more people betting on line now, than 5 years ago. But STILL the horsemen do not want ADW because they want to get rid of recapture, or NOTHING. Good intentions, but DUMB. Get what you can now and keep fighting for more. These two things are not related, except for the fact that it MAY cause a little more recapture, but overall affect will be very positive.
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