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Author Topic: NetJets Mile transcript  (Read 1078 times)
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« on: October 27, 2007, 04:21:43 PM »



   ERIC WING:  We are now joined in the interview tent with the winning trainer of the recently‑completed NetJets Breeders' Cup Mile, Rick Dutrow. 
Congratulations, outstanding performance and Kip Deville showed flashes of this earlier in the year particularly in the Kilroe Mile, despite some wide trips he would still fire.  Were you worried about the soft confidence?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  I knew if he liked the grass course he was going to run huge.  I wasn't worried about it because there was nothing I could do about it so why worry.  When I gave Cornelio a leg up, I said this is what we want to do is set off the pace a little bit and make the 1 run.  Would he have had a perfect, perfect position in the first position but the other horse came over and took our position ‑‑ he was set, Migliore had him on the rail the whole way one day and he come through.  So I wasn't worried about it but it did concern us going in and he answered all the questions today for this grass course.
   ERIC WING:  Before we go further could you introduce the young lady on the left.
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  This is my daughter Molly and every time she shows up in big races we get the money.
   ERIC WING:  How old are you again?
   ERIC WING:  Tasting victory young.
   Rick, you didn't have Kip Deville his whole career, he was bought privately by IEAH Stables and others, off of some races in Oklahoma, not the usual route for an eventual NetJet Miles winner, but can you tell us about the decision to buy him and when you first did have him, he was pretty much a run‑off horse, his first start for you, I believe he opened up 15 lengths in a mile and a half race and now he's as professional as can be.  Can you talk about the purchase and also how he's really gotten a lot more professional?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  One day we, Bobby Franco and Louis were driving up to Saratoga to train our horses up there, and Mike called me and said, Rick, I want to buy this horse.  So Franco put it on his computer, we watched the race as we were driving up to Saratoga.  After we watched the race, Bobby looked around and said, Rick, if you don't buy him, he's mine.  So that was the decision.
   I called up Mike and said, man, you got my endorsement and Franco's endorsement.  Then like two days later, sealed the deal and as soon as I seen Kip Deville I called Mike and I said, we've got something to work with here.  I really like the way he is.  And I've got to tell you, Kip Deville is not a people person.  He's a race horse, he doesn't like to be petted, he doesn't like all that funny stuff around him.  He's like a man, he wants to show up on the big days and he's all race horse, as you could see today.
   ERIC WING:  Kind of the opposite of Oprah Winney, then.
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  (Laughing) I was thinking she was going to run a big race yesterday but for some reason or another, she didn't show up through the lane.  We'll try and figure that one out.
   ERIC WING:  Michael Iavarone of IEAH Stables, congratulations.  Relative newcomers to the racing game, I believe it was 2003 when you started buying racehorses in earnest and already, not just the win by Kip Deville today, which was terrific but two other starters in this year's Breeders' Cup, Shaggy Mane and Benny the Bull, congratulations on getting here and you've won with your last shot.  What was the feeling as you saw your horse turn for home with a handful under Cornelio?
   MICHAEL IAVARONE:  As I said, I'm new in the game but I've been around the game forever.  The last hundred yards, if I could capture it and carry it on the rest of my life, I'd like to.  Fortunately we have it on tape because I have to look back on this because it's like we're living a dream here.
   Rick has done an amazing job.  This horse has been at the top of the game, he's had some bumps along the road but when the money was on the line, he brought it today and Rick deserves 99% of the credit.
   ERIC WING:  Rick or Mike, do you have any ideas ‑‑ oh, I should tell you, I was asked to inform you that by virtue of your win in the NetJets Mile, Kip Deville is now eligible for a $1 million bonus should you decide to hop in an airplane and go to Sha Tin Race Course on December 9th for the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Mile.
   What are your future plans for Kip Deville and thought I'd throw that in in case you don't have anything going on in December.
   MICHAEL IAVARONE:  I'll answer that one.  Mike likes Chinese food so Rick will have to talk me out of that one.
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  I love that Kip loves Santa Anita's grass course, that will definitely be on the top of our list.

   Q.  You had a couple of unsatisfactory races in May and June.  What caused the turnaround, and do you have any reason why he did not perform up to par?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  Yeah, the shoemaker, Molly, could never run a jump, boxed in every step of the way.  Anybody that watches that race and doesn't see that doesn't know how to watch a race.  Just read so much about it, he doesn't run his race that day, I just couldn't believe people could write that.
   I'm kind of strange about a lot of things.  I really like running horses back in five days when I see that they don't run their race or different things in a race.  He had trained so good on that Polytrack out there, I wanted to take a shot and run him more.  We had an opportunity, and Mike agreed with me.  We took a shot; it didn't work.  It seems like it didn't hurt the horse.  He came back to Aqueduct, he trained okay, you know, we were under the impression he was fine.  We run him over here at Monmouth and thought he was on top of his game.  He didn't show up the right way.  I was disappointed he didn't win.
   After the race we fixed his hind end more and he started turning back into his old self, run him up in Canada, he ran a huge race that day, came out of his race like he wanted another one and he was just training so good, so into himself coming into this race, and just we were only concerned about the grass course.  That was it.  We knew he was sitting on a race.

   Q.  I wanted to let you know that Hong Kong is a great environment.  So I wanted to ‑‑
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  Well, with Hong Kong we went there last year with Rebel Rebel and didn't bring him home.  It's not a good experience for us.
   ERIC WING:  Rebel Rebel was another IEAH horse; is that correct?
   MICHAEL IAVARONE:  Yeah, we ran him in the Hong Kong Mile last year and unfortunately he fractured a cannon bone and had to be put down after the race.
   ERIC WING:  Mike, what does a Breeders' Cup victory like this mean for the IEAH operation which has tasted some nice successes?  Obviously Kip Deville got you a great one earlier this year but Breeders' Cup is Breeders' Cup.  Your organization is only about four years old; what's it mean for you?
   MICHAEL IAVARONE:  I think it's huge for an owner that's four years old or 40 years old.  I think sharing it with everybody was the most exciting part about it.   With just Rick and I, it's an amazing experience but we have 60 or 70 people here with us and that's what took it to the next level as far as I'm concerned.

   Q.  When you buy an Oklahoma‑bred, raced in Texas, what did that race look like that made you want to buy the horse and what expectations did you have then?
   MICHAEL IAVARONE:  When I buy a horse, he can be bred in Oklahoma, Kentucky or China.  You look at the horse's reaction on the racetrack and their soundness and that's what makes you decide to buy a horse, it's not where he was bred at.  We bought him right and look where he's brought us to this point.
   ERIC WING:  Rick, what about the Oceanport handicap?  Some people might have looked and seen that he only ran third in his previous trip to Monmouth.  Was there a story behind that race at all?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  Well, as I said, we thought he was doing good going into that race.  I did want to get a race going into this track.  We missed a bunch of big races only because we wanted to target this day like with Oprah and with Kip, we thought he was doing good going into the race.  I was very disappointed in the race, because he had a shot to do exactly what he did today, because when that rail opened, Kip came and he didn't finish up.  Maybe his hind end wasn't right but we fixed him up and he's been huge since.  I guess I should pay more attention to his hind end.
   ERIC WING:  Could you comment on Cornelio Velasquez and the confidence that you have in him?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  Well, he's run that horse twice for us and both times gave us an unbelievable ride.  Kip puts jockeys in positions to win and Edgar rode him great, Leparaoux is the one that took him off the pace and showed us ‑‑ Kip is not a need‑to‑have‑a‑jockey kind of horse or a need‑to‑have‑a‑track kind of horse.  He'll run over anything, with any jockey on him and he'll take you there.  But Cornelio gave him an unbelievable ride.
   ERIC WING:  Without getting too graphic, could you describe what it means from a horseman's standpoint to fix a horse's hind end?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  The most popular things are the stifles or hocks but there's some things called glutal ornaments, like muscle tears.  When I get fresh horses in my barn I want them to have that because then we have doctors that can fix it and then they get their power.  If they don't get power behind, they are not going to be as good as they can possibly be.  Anybody can do stifles and hocks, but not too many people can do glutes.  We have that working for us; it's to our advantage.  That's what we did with him.
   ERIC WING:  Has that been a big part of your success in the claiming game?
   RICHARD DUTROW, JR.:  It sure was.  I used to have Dr. Allday with us or when somebody would send me a horse, man, I would just love it when he would see it behind.  I would get ready to bet.  (Laughter).
   ERIC WING:  Congratulations on a terrific performance by Kip Deville and might see you at the Eclipse Awards.
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