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Author Topic: TIME TO HAND OUT LUMPS OF COAL  (Read 919 times)
Hero Member
Posts: 4183

« on: December 24, 2005, 05:01:57 PM »

Evil Claus has only 10 lump of anthracite to hand out this year for 2005, so let's get started.
                      1) - who took his ball and white bike and ran away from the mess he created.  Then, to prove he is pure greed and evil, he continues to haunt us at least one day a week.  Gets beat odds on (usually while one of his other puppet trainers is popping at a nice price) more than Odds On gets beat the whole year.  Quite a feat Tony.
                       2) Tom - went deep underground after what he said was "a minor deal".  Tom, I expected more from you.  Come back as yourself soon and I'll squeeze that coal until it becomes a diamond.
                       3) and his paddlefoot pal Johnny for ruining the game as they have done every year this decade at least.
                       4) criminals such as and
who ruin the trust of hundreds of potential fans and horseplayers alike with their chronic cheating and juicing.
                        5) The IHHA.  Led by and , they continue to stall in hopes of finding the right answers.  Meanwhile, try and show you care about all the horsemen instead of just your mid-to-large operations and only your operations.
                        6) and
                        7) and
                        8) all together 3 things ruining the #1 forum in all harness racing.  Scared of their own shadows and as honest as a used car salesman, these people ruin this haven with every dumb, uninformed, and incorrect post they put up.  There are 3 types minimum of trolls and I'll never call an anonymous person a troll until they either come out of the gate with their facts wrong or choose to blast people they don't know or have never met.  This covers 95 % of our problems on this forum.
                         9) - Janine -you are eligible for both a lump now BUT an award IF you start taming trolls who come on here with their facts wrong.
                        10) - - Please do the public a favor.  If you are going to gouge the masses with overpriced and unappealing refreshments and commestibles, at least put the sugar money you clip people for into things like fire safety, customer safety issues like more non-smoking areas, and better lighting in your plant.  Also, get someone who has the 1st clue as to how to groom the track so that your patrons don't have to sit through 90 minute delays when blowing and drifting snow forces severe blading of the track.

Happy Holidays to all !... and it's great to be posting again-NOT.  TC
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Hero Member
Posts: 4183

« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2005, 05:23:19 PM »

...notice I didn't include the IRB in the coal handouts.  They've certainly been deserving, but I'm working on an angle where the Careys don't really want as many dates as you'd think.  They earn plenty with the t-breds and I think the family is a shareholder in Balmoral Park.  IF this is true, then they are double-dipping and really raking it in.  Also, dishonorable mention to our goof stewards.  I'm beginning to like Tom kelley.  He at least has a conscience and knew when to atone for his errors.  Merry Christmas Tom and try to keep those inmates at Balmoral in line.  All my sources swear you are one of the good guys so don't disappoint us.  TC
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