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Author Topic: REPLY TO PEZZ .  (Read 1357 times)
race track phil

« on: January 17, 2007, 04:14:11 AM »

              Pezz ,
                       I read your post and Dans and its not my goal to
      trash *** , but I do trash the freedom of speech motto that
      can be used in anyway shape or form ! I would be a hipocrite if
      I did'nt say how I feel just because Dan is a friend of mine . If the
      posters feel its someone from barntowire making those post's thats
      fine and maybe correct , but it could also be enemies that T C or
      Joe Or Dan made overhere that went right with them to abuse them
      on there new site ! Dont think in the years on BTW that we all
      did'nt make enemies and it could be anyone ! I can understand the
      swearing , but no matter what I cant understand the impersanators
      that are allowed to slander someone that never did anything wrong
      and does'nt even belong to either forum . I was thinking about
      joining then I read the donna lee post ! How would you like if
      someone condoned that talk about your mother on a site for
      where people from all over the country read ? That changed my
      mind . everyday someone post's BTW  is trash ! theres always a
      post like that new one ! guess who these guys are ! So with
      respect dont compare my post's as trashing *** like the
      ones that trash BTW . You dont see BTW posters trashing all
      the posters on *** daily with childish post that get
      responces . My post's about *** get read 100's of times
      without replies thats because most posters here dont give a
      shit what happens on *** . I'm really in a minority overhere !
      I'm not going to change anybody's my mind on where they post
      thats there right of choice , just like nobody is going to change
      my mind on how I feel about freedom of speech and what it
      really means . I fought in a war for some kind of freedom ! it
      surely was'nt designed for some racing site to abuse when it was
      written . I cant help that some people feel they have a right to
      slander because there on a forum that allows the freedom and
      think it O K because there on a computer using a fake name and
      cant really be slandered back because there really just a ghost
      How can you slander someone thats a ghost with the childish
      back and forth insults where someone says ou really gave it to
      him or something like that nonsense . I truly believe in fair play
      and its not fair in my mind when our rights of freedom are abused
      to impersonate . I've always shown respect to posters who show
      the same as I did you and others . Its like republicans vs democrats
      they often do not agree ! I like you and other posters will defend
      my beliefs about how a racing forum should be run ! I believe the
      freedom of speech was a great quote to capture posters to the
      new forum !  However I dont !  I will continue to defend my position
      on racing sites . Pezz now you tell me if it was your site would
      you allow the slander and impersanation just because your post
      was deleted on BTW . Or would you make certain adjustments on
      certain subjects without hurting your freedom policy . i just dont
      understand how anybody could think fredom of speech does'nt
      have boundaries . I bet if we ever met in person we could have a
      nice conversation !  like I've told those 2 punks I'm in super booth 1
      to anyone who wants too talk like a man and discuss our differences
      they'll never come , But your welcome anytime to share your
      opinions and give me a winner .  good luck gambing !

      Just remember many friends do not share the same beliefs .
       I modified this post ! 

       I forgot The poster ritmo was banned from here ! He's not anyone
       I talk too ! and *** Orr banned himself for 3rd grade mentality !
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Hero Member
Posts: 2138

« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2007, 12:42:14 PM »

I liked Pezz alot and thought he was a sharp cookie but I guess I was way off. I guess he is a follower who will believe anything that is told to him and that is a shame he needs to grow some balls. I don't say that because he posts there I say it because why knock anyone who never did him any wrong ? I wish they could know *** and TC and JD like many here know them and I mean the truth not some made up lies and then they'd see what many of us see. I have nothing against anyone just because they post there I can't I don't know them and I make up my own mind no one else will ever do that for me.

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'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
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