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Author Topic: ITS OFFICIAL !  (Read 1156 times)
race track phil

« on: January 11, 2007, 02:33:39 AM »

                 Since I've seen more races than probably anyone on this forum !
       I'm going to make it official RollinSmollin has a definite future . I like what
       I ve seen , especially tonight on that 2nd place finish , steering that horse
       to the outside and getting him rolling . Sure he came up a little short but
       I liked his patience . I ve seen to many lead happy young drivers that have
       failed because they never learned how to sit and keep a horse
       comfortable in a hole .  The one thing I woold do if I were him would
       be legally change my name !

                  TO   ROLLIN  SMOLIN !        maroon


                  GREAT JOB YOUNG MAN .       geezer   RTP
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Hero Member
Posts: 541

« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2007, 04:27:44 AM »

RTP ... i just do as asked ....   they said the horse is green... which as everyone can tell the horse is.. .... they said let the horse learn how to race... and if you can get a check or win so be it... but let this horse learn ..... if i didnt get locked in... or shuffled.. im telling you i win that race... im just happy that the trainer/owner were happy with the results and i plan to keep it that way with the best of my ability .. and if i fail then so be it take me off or give me another chance... but so far ive been doin exactly what i was told.. and keepin everyone happy except those whose money i ran over or what not... not my fault use me or dont... but im lookin to do the best i can and be someone ......         i dont care if Rick dane Jr wants to tell me im a P.O.S or if anyone else does im sorry you feel that way but im here to make a living and make a name for myself      you can love me or hate me but im trying my best   thanks to EVERYONE who believes in me and EVERYONE who puts me down on your horses and EVERYONE who knows me and doesnt try to keep me down on my luck .... im a driver im a winner things are gonna change i can feel it      <beck> Loser baby ..... thats part of a song download it ... youll understand hahahahaha      take care everyone and have a good night ... and happppppppppppppy new year  beer
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loved by many hated by most rollinsmolin aka bobby
race track phil

« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2007, 05:41:00 AM »

               Rollinsmollin ,

                                  Like I said its official !  You take my post and keep a copy and years from now when your an established top driver show my post and say that RTP guy knew his shit about racing ! I will ask one favor when you reach 999 wins you tell your old man to come see RTP and give me that
1000 win horse you will win with for my prediction coming true . I also will tell some trainers I know to give you a shot . I told them about Tetrick before they knew he could hold 2 lines . Your on the way ! But give your old man a couple of winners down the line . Tell him I said he's a bad capper and needs help .      maroon                   
                                            geezer     RTP
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