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Author Topic: I DON'T KNOW WHY...  (Read 5431 times)
Annnnnnnnnd they're off!
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Rebate shops are not the devil.


« Reply #25 on: December 19, 2005, 09:46:41 PM »

..Superman, Joe b hardly owes me anything.  He DOES owe the people he smeared on this #1 forum in all harness racing with all the half-truths and fake stories.  Just when I think he's easing up, he sticks his foot in his mouth and besmirches another horseman who did ZERO to him and doesn't even post or read this forum.  I've heard several times that Joe B, burton, and Tom are all "buddies".  I'm a tad disappointed in EW in that he must have known this, but nobody is perfect.  Joe B - still waiting on that apology string to JD, DN, sn, and IS for starters.  Thanks in advance, TC  P.S. Super, sounds like you have this Joe B fellow associating with all sorts of criminal types.  Time for new friends I'd say.

I've never met anyone that I would know was either a Joe B. or a Burton.  That doesn't mean that I haven't run into them -- it's just that I don't know who they are.

I'm a tad disappointed that you would be a tad disappointed.

I still think we need a holiday get together -- haha.

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Stick to Fantasyland pal, because you'll NEVER make it in the real world - TC
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« Reply #26 on: December 19, 2005, 11:58:08 PM »

TC - you know what....even though I stand by my are would be from him and not from i owe my apologies to him....actually i have nothing against him at's her i would like to speak i apologize to your friend....and as far as knowing thiefs at the track....I have to admit I've met my question....I'm sure you would say the

Superman - I am not friends with Tom....have no clue who he to your other questions...come and see me anytime at Oak Brook.....ask for Joe B....most people know who i am....this will be my final post on this website......take care gentlemen.....good racing !  Joe B

Joe B, I respect your reply and hope that you are not going to stop posting because of me. I only asked you those questions because you always asked SN DN and JD questions like that and demanded answers when they avoided them. This is a public forum so you should keep posting your opinions because they are valued and everyone is entitled to post. Sorry if you took me the wrong way and I would never meet anyone at the track or an otb to discuss this site. I would appreciate it if you would answer my questions tho. Thanks

Richard B, where do you come off that I fight any of these guys battles? If you know these guys, that would be the last thing they would need is me fighting there battles. I post things as I see fit and you have also been guilty of harassing these guys to the point of this forum being dead since SN, DN and JD stopped posting. I hope you are happy. Now alls we have is a forum full of goofs who have never been in the game trying to get inside information about who to bet. At least when DN, SN and JD were posting everyday, I found it interesting to hear stories of what it takes to be successful and make horses go. I don't think Joe B or anyone else should stop posting for what they believe in just as these guys did. I do think that SN, DN and JD know a hell of alot about this game and could educate us all. Just look at this forum since they have stopped posting....DEAD GAME, just like Chicago harness racing. We need more guys like them. jmo.
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