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Author Topic: F&M Turf - Interview Room Transcript  (Read 676 times)
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« on: November 04, 2006, 04:51:32 PM »

   ERIC WING:  We are live in the interview {room}.  Ouija Board now the fifth two time winner in Breeders' Cup history.
   On the left is Edward Dunlop, Ouija Board's trainer.  To the right, Frank Dettori, the rider, and owner, Lord Darby, will be with us shortly.  We have our four‑time winner with Frankie, Da Hoss, Miesque, Tiznow, and Lure.
   Of course, I can't read my own writing.  Da Hoss, thank you.
   Mr. Dunlop, congratulations.  In was the exact same 1, 2 finisher as two years ago in Dallas when it was also the last time the last race was in a mile and 3/8s.
   Can you compare her performance today with what we saw two years ago in your estimation?
   EDWARD DUNLOP:  I haven't seen the times yet so I don't know whether it was a quicker or slower time, but she won as well as she did there.  Frankie gave {her} a fantastic ride.  There weren't too many concerns in the whole race.
   It was great.
   ERIC WING:  Frankie, looked like you had her covered up very nicely.  Could you discuss the trip, and were there any anxious moments as far as you were concerned?
   FRANKIE DETTORI:  On paper it seems to be a match race, myself and the gray filly.  You try to keep the tail and leave her as late as possible, and I managed to get behind the wheels just before going straight, but then in the straight, she just wanted to go and didn't want to disappoint her and press the button and we flew.  That was it.
   ERIC WING:  Questions, down here for the winning team?  Was it a case of just getting her out and having her see daylight in.
   FRANKIE DETTORI:  Yeah.  Coming to the race today, she felt unbelievably well, and I mean our main concerns was perhaps the rain on Wednesday, but apart from that, we just wanted to have a clear trip around the track, and we knew we had the best filly and she showed to the world that's why she's the queen of horseracing with a spectacular performance.
   ERIC WING:  We have a question from upstairs in the press box.
   Q    Frankie, any concern about being boxed in on the back side?
   FRANKIE DETTORI:  Not really.  Like I said, once I got behind the gray filly, I knew she would take me to the line.
   She has some great gears, so when you have horses with that kind of quality, they always get you out of trouble.
   ERIC WING:  Edward, now well over $5 million in career earnings, can you discuss future plans for her both this year and thereafter.
   EDWARD DUNLOP:  As long as she's okay, we plan to take her from here to New York and then she flies directly to Japan for the Japan Cup where Mr. Dettori will be riding again and on to Hong Kong.
   That will very much depend on how she comes out of this race.  I'll look at her tonight and tomorrow morning, and then she'll be retired and we'll wind her way back to Kentucky and will be visiting Kingmambo.
   Q    Given the fact she seems a lot better this year than she was last year, will you have second thoughts about retirement because the fans deserve a favor.  She was so exceptional.  More impressive today than when winning the Prince of Wales Ascot.
   Any second thoughts on retirement?
   EDWARD DUNLOP:  That's not my decision.  You can imagine as a trainer, what I would like, but I've been lucky to have had up until a five‑year‑old career.
   The man sitting on my left, I'm sure you could persuade him to change his mind.  At this stage, no, she goes off to stud. 
   ERIC WING:  Lord Darby, the owner of Ouija Board, congratulations on your second Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare victory.  Edward had laid out the future plans as they stand now for Ouija Board with the Japan Cup, and Hong Kong is a possibility after that and a date with Kingmambo.
   The question was posed just a couple moments ago, does just the scintillating nature of her win today give you any second thoughts about that date with Kingmambo next year? 
   LORD DARBY:  It's always a challenge to find the right moment to make a crossover.  She's just been an unbelievable race filly and race mare, and we've had so much fun.
   She's quite literally changed the lives of all the connections.  She's touched us all.
   I can say we traveled the world.  We've traveled the world about four times over with her, and I think she has earned a happy retirement at the end of this year.  We look forward to racing her daughters and children in the future.
   ERIC WING:  I'll ask you the same question I asked Edward earlier.  How do you compare, if you can, her win this year with her performance two years ago in Dallas?
      LORD DARBY:  Each and every occasion is different.  The adrenaline rush, the nervous passion is always huge, but she is incredible the way she travels.
   How can we compare Texas and Kentucky, they are both so exciting.  That was the first Breeders' Cup about I'd ever won, my first runner in America.
   That are that are.
   That was just believably e exciting, but to come back with this horse who is now the most successful English horse in Breeders' Cup history takes in a new chapter.
   ERIC WING:  Frankie, you've ridden some fantastic horses over the years.  If you were coming up with, I don't know, maybe three of your favorite horses, would Ouija Board possibly crack that list?
   FRANKIE DETTORI:  I mean, she's been a wonderful mare.  Any horse to win two becomes, and I'm very lucky to be on her.
   She gave me tremendous joy, and she's icon to all the racing fans and without a doubt, she's one of the best horses I've ridden along with the very best.
   Q    Mr. Dunlop, I couldn't help watch you watch the screen just before watching Ouija Board win.  What were you thinking?  Kind of choked up, too?
   EDWARD DUNLOP:  She won quite easily.  That sums it up.
   No, it was just remarkable to ‑‑ when you watch it live, you don't ‑‑ one doesn't concentrate that much, far too nervous.  That's the first time I've seen it again properly, so it was a great feeling.
   Q    This question is for Frankie.  Every great one racing, you handled all kinds of horses, all kinds of courses.  Now, the British press has been saying consistently there is a monkey on your back.
   When are you going to finally win the Derby at Epson?
   FRANKIE DETTORI:  I haven't done too bad.  I've won five Breeders' Cups.  I'm pretty happy with that.
   ERIC WING:  Okay.  Frankie, other Breeders' cups, Da Hoss, Miesque, Tiznow, and Lure.  We have a question upstairs in the press box.
   Q    {Lord} Darby, could you comment on the significance, assuming there's any, of winning at the home of your namesake race, and also do you believe anybody in your family has won here before? 
   LORD DARBY:  It's just so incredibly exciting.  I was told here yesterday that my greatgrandfather, 17th Earl of Darby came over to the Kentucky Derby in 1930, and I'm just really thrilled to be making my first visit to Churchill Downs, and I can tell you it couldn't be happier if it was today or a Kentucky Derby day.
   Q    Lord Darby, first of all, thanks for keeping this mare training through this season, and, second of all, why did you decide to do that?  It seemed so uncommon in this business right now for people to keep a really top quality mare in training so long.  Thank you.  I wish you would explain your reasons. 
   LORD DARBY:  Well, I don't have that many horses in training.  I've never had a horse like this in training and the gods suggest I'll probably never have another horse as good as this.  We've been having so much fun.  The horse have been incredible.  Classic Seasons is a three year old, and then go through the depths of stress fracture and problems with the Prince of Wales at Ascot last year, and all his team did an amazing job to nurse her back to health.  She came good and scintillating in Hong Kong.
   We couldn't stop there, could we?  My goodness with what we had ‑‑ if we stopped ourselves from the opportunity to win the most important race of all, Ascot, an epic battle that you would have seen against Alexandra Goldrun.  A second Breeders' Cup.  That would have been tragic to have missed out on that.
   ERIC WING:  Edward, did you know ‑‑ did you know ‑‑
   EDWARD DUNLOP:  I persuaded him, really.  Perfectly selfishly.
   ERIC WING:  Edward Dunlop, Lord Darby, and Frankie Dettori, the joy this mare has brought to you both today and throughout the whole career as apparent, congratulations on Breeders' Cup No. 2 and thanks for bringing her over.
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