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September 01, 2015, 09:18:05 AM *
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 on: Today at 08:58:19 AM 
Started by childewood - Last post by childewood

 on: Today at 08:45:11 AM 
Started by ERIN - Last post by happy hour
My comment a couple days ago toward Steve comment on the day switch.  Like many found out after the meeting.  Correct in saying the switch was just two weeks before the date changes.  Where I screwed up, reading a tweet was that it was the IRB, that changed and I said it had to do with the college dates.  I messed that up.  Steve was correct in saying the IRB had moved the date from the 25th to the 27th.

 on: Today at 08:44:30 AM 
Started by ERIN - Last post by kellytuc

I made the assumption that this statement was true based on earlier posts by other members who supposedly know more than I do about IRB meetings. doh

Which is why I followed this up with "If these posts are correct" 5 lines down from this one.

Mrs. Byrne has shown in her post that she didn't change her son's move in date it was set for Aug.27th and had been scheduled for months.

My experience told me the 25th had to be wrong to start with but it had been repeated several times so all I could do was say okay and start my timeline with it.

You were the one who made false assumptions and admitted to that (see your statements above )   It's really very simple for everyone to see why you were wrong.

 on: Today at 08:40:16 AM 
Started by ERIN - Last post by happy hour
Dr O, if you have a two year old trotter usually the first week of Sep is the Am Nat.  Late Sep u have elim's for there big purse of the year.  Land of Lincoln and Lady Land.  They use to write the Hanover in Oct not sure if that's been moved.  Also the Cardinal and Voliet at the end of Oct.  Pacers have more then a few big races also after SN.  Just saying it won't be kind if those are the dates.  Again without changing much the landscape for 2016 will be a stake program racing for other owners money.  Nobody can *** knowing that going in.  

 on: Today at 08:37:39 AM 
Started by Bucksboy - Last post by 1st over

   Flea, you're done, dry, empty.

   Give it up, please...think about the children.

   When a niched, regional website has passed you by, you know you're toastado. Why don't you find a nice county-fair racing website in Montana to haunt?

   Stinky Pjorkrind goes into the books for wearing the same Badwill wear for the most consecutive days at a Chicago-area handicapping center. That alone is an enduring statement about the man's blot in the local turf racing order (most low).

   Flea, flee.


   For the kids.

 on: Today at 08:21:38 AM 
Started by Yimmy - Last post by amtino06
One of, if not the only public tv analyst that does more than just play the 'company man' role. He holds jockeys accountable, isn't afraid to call out trainers for spotting horses poorly, and really plays to the NY crowd. I've always enjoyed listening to him on Trips and Traps, Talking Horses, and ATP Live. He may not be wrong more often than not (especially this summer at the Spa) but he provides some VERY good insight. I didn't agree with him entirely on the feature race, but his tweets regarding the nightcap were very interesting.

 on: Today at 08:12:06 AM 
Started by Bucksboy - Last post by honest & balanced terry
  Three maneuvers going on backstage right now of which any of the three could impact Illinois race-scape in a major way.

   This thread has skirted one. The other two are known to select insiders (including staff at 1st Over).

   Why do we just leave The Flaccid Flannel Flea and others of his ilk guessing for the time being?

Why does "Slim" O'Flannel, the fatous floundering fishwife of racetrack gossip, no longer flesh out any of his "I know something you don't know" bloviation with minor details like names, timeframes, what specifically might be in the works or happen, and etc.?

Because he is Mr .000 is why. Never right about anything. Sporting a long long history of failure when he actually stuck his neck out with details on some of his bar stool rumors. And now he is running scared, deathly afraid he'll be humiliated again and again.

He's got nothing. Never did.

 on: Today at 08:09:34 AM 
Started by Yimmy - Last post by clubhouse
Hey club I think you have the wrong quote.

It's the line about moronic east coasters.

 on: Today at 08:00:17 AM 
Started by ERIN - Last post by honest & balanced terry
Still waiting to see that apology to Mrs. Byrne for saying she had plenty of time to change her son's move in date?

Since I didn't accuse her of anything like dereliction of duty for not doing so, there's nothing to apologize for. She thought it was okay to participate by phone, and based on past practice it was unnecessary to choose one or the other. And I noted that fact in the very same post.

She was set up and ambushed by the legal counsel and possibly other parties unknown.

The State Senate should be looking into that, as well as the other antics of this new payday IRB of Rauner's. IF your theory conspiracy theory is correct, that it was all a  setup by the Johnstons, and that's a big IF, then Mr. Rauner's shiny new IRB is being corrupted by the very same disgraced racetrack owners who took down Blagojevich, and that might make Bruce look real, real bad. Get on it, swoo. Write some scathing letters to people who might make a difference. 

Only an honorable forum member would do such a thing as to apologize to an IRB Commissioner.

An honorable member would not lie about other members. An honorable member would not regularly make unsupported accusations about IRB members and IRB staff. An honorable member would not accuse horsemen of cheating and drag their name through the mud when he has no hard proof. An honorable member would not tar horsemen based on their families, or vice versa. And honorable member would not heap personal abuse on IHHA officers and directors. Etc. Etc. So that pretty much leaves you out in the cold as any kind of moral authority of any kind on this forum, to demand apologies on behalf of someone else, or for that matter on anything at all. Doesn't it.

 on: Today at 07:49:40 AM 
Started by 1st over - Last post by 1st over

   "Yimmy," are you registered to vote in Moose Jaw?

   Running back to Saskatoon?

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