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August 25, 2016, 08:30:49 PM *
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 on: Today at 08:24:52 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by beobob
Technology might have changed all of this.

That may be true, but what will never change is that there will always be a segment of the population that will never believe anything "The Man" says.  In their minds, there is always an evil plot underfoot.  They are ever vigilant to expose it to us -- the naive, foolish, trusting souls who don't think that Del Mar and the CHRB are conspiring to defraud the racing public any chance they get.

 on: Today at 07:48:58 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by APCD Dan
at Hollywood park 9in the 70s I spent a lot of time with the guys in the photo finish booth. the film rotates at the same speed as the horses so on the film there is no wire. the horses appear on the film as they cross the imaginary line. only when they put the film in the print box and then the line is added. you cannot move the finish line, as there is no line on the negative.

Technology might have changed all of this.

 on: Today at 05:50:40 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by Mary Ann
Del Mar is having lots of problems this year.

"A substantial group of animal rights advocates, with local television cameras not far behind, made their voices heard at the California Horse Racing Board's full monthly meeting Aug. 25 at Del Mar.

The point of contention was the recent deaths at Del Mar during training and racing. Several members of the greater San Diego and animal rights communities criticized the racetrack, the CHRB, and the sport of horse racing in the governing body's allocated time for public comment."

"But just as other tourism and hospitality services have seen a change in perception about SeaWorld and Orcas, and about zoos and how they display animals, the perception of people and animals is changing."

"Some of the speakers said that 19 horses have died at Del Mar since the meeting began July 15. CHRB spokesman Mike Marten cited equine medical director Dr. Rick Arthur, who has documented 16 deaths during the meet. But minutes from the Del Mar stewards indicate 16 deaths through Aug. 14 and at least one horse, All the Marbles, broke down since, when he was training on the turf Aug. 21 and had to be euthanized."

"Del Mar has a black eye and it's getting blacker," added Ronnie Steinall. "How many horses have to die before you shut down the track and conduct a legitimate investigation so no one else gets hurt? ... We are not going to go away. We have a loud message to spread all over the world regarding tragedies in the horse racing industry.

"We let the world know about the atrocities at SeaWorld. It lost $84 million in the first quarter of 2016 alone and without a radical change in its business model, it will shut down."

 on: Today at 05:49:25 PM 
Started by mel4600 - Last post by mottoman
Sounds like a smart business strategy to me !

 on: Today at 04:59:50 PM 
Started by mel4600 - Last post by APCD Dan
Money up front of the meet,nothing at the end.Smoke and mirrors per usual.

This is the most correct post on this thread.  I can't believe that with the extra dark day money only, that Arlington thought that this would last the whole meet. They should have known that the off track handle was not going to grow due to the experience of previous years. The idea was to draw the trainers in early, get them stuck in Arlington, and have just enough horses to stumble to the end. Hey, the profits come from food, drink, and admission, not horses. Arlington is an entertainment venue.

 on: Today at 04:44:33 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by APCD Dan
Totally incorrect, as usual. I was not trying to attract Mel's attention, although he did respond after you mentioned his name. Adn you'll notice how respectful both parties were, and how quickly I gave up ... because Mel and I have mended fences, probably to your great consternation as a professional troll. In fact I was tossing the Z stuff and greatness back at swoop, another former Z battler ... who I also get along with now more or less.

Now, do you have anything at all useful or even half-ass interesting to contribute to the actual subject of the thread, Cal Chrome and his Pacific Classic?

Wow, are you sensitive these days over absolutely nothing. I didn't know there was a need for fence mending between you and Mel. It was just different preferences over horses, helped along by your need to make an issue about it. Same with Terry and me, we are just good "professional troll" buddies. He is always wanting me to "contribute" so he can add his opinions to my contributions.

OK, here goes, CDI stock is close to being back to 150 a share after going down to a low of 130 per share. Isn't that great! I would like to argue horses but as I have said before I am more into the track and human issues of racing. OK, I have made my contribution!

 on: Today at 04:42:51 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by beobob
Del Mar's 5 and 6 horse fields has more to do with any handle discrepancy than the small % difference in takeout rate.

 on: Today at 03:51:05 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by honest & balanced terry
that's just it. chrome took a horse like beholder and smashed her in the mouth.

There's also the possibility she's not as good as she's been made out to be, and CC merely exposed her. We know that the Baffert horse that ran 3rd is a cut below the best, as he's exhibited basically ever since since last year's SA Derby.

not very polite but devastating none the less. good race, great race, it doesn't matter, what this offspring of a $7,000 mare and a $2,500 stud that never won at over 5h furlongs has accomplished is simply amazing. not boring, or disappointing to me.

Well, that's you, but I thought it was a disappointing race, as a race. Kind of boring, in fact. In part because the other supposed super horse in it didn't really show up. They just ran around the track in the same order they left the gate. It has nothing to do with betting, either, or even bad reflection on CC. He did his job. The rest of the race did nothing.

 on: Today at 03:40:38 PM 
Started by mel4600 - Last post by honest & balanced terry
Am I the only one who remembers when anyone could go on the ITHA web site and look and the Purse fund for the current meet. Once Campbell took over that changed. Would be nice to see what the situation really is.

IMHO AP and/or its parent company probably asked the ITHA to discontinue those online purse reports because they detailed handle at AP, and as we all knows that's top secret ten hut mens! information that no one should be allowed to see outside the ivory towers in Louisville.

 on: Today at 03:32:00 PM 
Started by AndyA - Last post by Yimmy
This.  It just so happens I was there for it, but that barely plays into the equation.  Just amazing.

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