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September 23, 2014, 09:23:28 AM *
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 on: Today at 09:07:48 AM 
Started by APCD Dan - Last post by honest & balanced terry
Bored already?  The day just started.

Your scenario doesn't make much sense on the face of it. Why would "they" suddenly claim a horse for Indiana they could have had all Indy Downs season since May for the exact same price? Especially considering Indiana only has a month left to run. Why would the purse levels at Hawthorne make a positive difference in claiming decisions? Why would taking a horse away from Haw and $13k purses in September suddenly be more attractive than taking it away from the $18k of AP in any other month? $25k for the horse is still $25k.

 on: Today at 08:48:25 AM 
Started by Mary Ann - Last post by Mary Ann
Mahoning Valley Race Course is set to begin Thoroughbred racing on November 24th and they have "1,000 stalls and 1,001 seats in their enclosed grandstand awaiting occupancy".

"Horse racing will be held solely in the winter months with approximately 100 dates set aside for Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from November to April." Their 2014 dates are set but 2015 still needs to be finalized.

Their "racing license was transferred from Beulah Park in Columbus as their racing season was a winter session". Their "racing schedule is opposite that of Thistledown so they're "expecting some of their horses to come" their way.

 on: Today at 08:44:05 AM 
Started by APCD Dan - Last post by beobob
They're going to claim the very same horse in October that they haven't already claimed in July or August or September, just because it's running for lower purses?

Bored already?  The day just started.

 on: Today at 08:34:23 AM 
Started by Tuggit - Last post by Tuggit
Full fields, competitve races, Corey Callahan, Tony Morgan among the Colony tonight as well. Been a long time coming since we have had this kind of card..

Just some thoughts:

Race 1
5. Mandabra- Wired 20,000 Claimers for Corey four starts back. Only 4th start since July 31 win. Concern?
3. Stargazer Lilly – In season best form. Shes great on the half, but, likely works out easy journey here behind 5.
9. House On Fire- Seems to destain coming off the pace. JRob made need aggressive quarter pole move from second tier.
4. All Shoes on Deck- Seems to always hit the board at Rosecroft.
8. Bossy Volo- Poor post, but last two are nice pocket sitting efforts.
6. Beau Joe- Loves this oval, but, how does he get to the front?
7. Way Over Paid- August form reversal terrific. Just need to see him on bigger track. Use Under
1. Whitesville Ted- In good form but has never beaten 2:00 in victory. Won’t win here
2. Fiorenza- Sneaky decent mile last time.  This is solid bunch though
Race 2
7. Bodine Hanover- This entire field is off form. Had significant road trouble in last forced three-wide before half.  LAST CHANCE
1. El Cumanchero- Always does the work and likely does again from the rail.
5. Tampa bay Escape- 66 starts in last two years and many at a higher caliber. Wake up?
2, Ask Directions- exits subpar half mile tries. 0-40, yet computer says 7-2.
3. Bettor Win- gets post relief, but, broke in last, lost last 3 by 34 ¼ lengths.
6. Ms. America –stablemates won 2 Saturday....
9. Kounty Blues 1-21 seems destined to cop minor share at best.
4. Sir Westside Z Tam- Won at VD last year in 1:53. Only win in 200.2 this year
8. Badlands Greg- Speed try in last from same spot, needed oxygen at ¾
Race 3
6. Madge’s Lil Fortune – Got smoked by Speed crusher last time. Not many in here been in this class. She’s been higher.
5. Raquel- No Guts here for me. Been at Open level back in Spring now picks up CC. Can do it.  Saturday my no guts pick won at 5-1.
1. Lil Miss Bourbon- Could stalk nicely here into a nice spot.
8. Rosie De Vie- Fear she may get hung here. Well traveled. Barn history here is good.
9. Steppin Hanover- In best form of year. Donnie will have to negotiate different strategy this week. Great engine effort last time.
2. CJ Crystal – In great form and only win last year came here.
7. Forbidden Cam- Has beaten better in past, but, suspect form in last two.
3. Eastwood Aurora N –New barn back Class could mix it up early here.
4. Haley and Taylor – Did I really pick Morgan Last?
Race 4
9. Sleek N Wow – Reasonable efforts in the Quaker State. Seems a second faster than most here.
4. Hey Buddy Mac- Likely fronts them earlier. Exits sharp Q.
8. Jingle Bells-  Will be flying late. Excellent form on half.
3. Shanghai Jack- Dad and Grandfather were WORLD Champions. Stalking trip likely.
6. Calcutta- 1-13 this year, but, ability to hit ticket.
5. Blarney- Computer pitches, but, miles at Jug Week were solid. Mare seems versatile.
7. Accokeek Mercury – 50% win percentage. Breaks in 2 of last 3 scare me.
1. Whitesville Liz- Recent luck not good. BE and sick Scratch. Sleeper Tri value.
2. Buck ID – Best form was with Frank Milby driving.
Race 5
9. Cowboy Artist- Needed last. Just missed in last quarter of 27.3 Does he follow 2 or 3 out of gate?
5. One America- Chased two good foes first over in Q. Morgan-Crissman use.
8. Areyouinorout – Reasonable form from bad posts at the Ocean. Might leave.
7. Alastair Hanover- Longtime Roger Hammer trainee has been a disaster against better for a month. Now off 23 days.
3. Tomado Island N- Recent form good, Eddie Davis Jr.+
2. Macho McGraw- Does he try to front Them here? CC drives.
4. CJ Striker- Typical 5-Claimer. Just don’t know from start to start. 1-20
6. Who’s Next- Seems to like front. Could get parked here.
1. Riverpath- Could derail my top choice. Suspect form and fell before last start.
Race 6
3. Jeremes General- Sharp effort off layoff. Was way overbet, not his fault.
6. Caviart Tyler- Lack of speed in here makes him great play. Gets to front here.
1. Game Day-Style fits bigger track like RCR. Over 50% top 3.
4. Come On Ridge- Been ok on half for new barn. Expect better on this surface. Seems like former barn has dispersed, who has Abelard?
2. Upbyfive- Could he be in pocket behind 6? Exacta-trifecta value.
5. Encoding Z Tam- Huge class drop, has CC, could be in play behind 3, means good trip.
7. Native Style- Shows a win in July  vs 15-Claimers.
8. Bettor Not Miss- 1 good effort on half. Style projects to bigger track.
9. Joe Rocks- Beat bottom level in last for first win.
Race 7
2. I Wanna Go Fast- Hardest race of the night to Cap. Layoffs make you concerned about 1, 4, and 8. Sharp effort last time. How many leave here is the question.
4. Fancy Colt- Was ultra sharp then took 7 months off. If we get speed duel here, he picks up the pieces.
1. Shady Breeze – As I predict speed duel, watch JRob rate a :56 half and the race be over. 1-13 this year though.
8. Beavercreek Artist- Was good here in Spring. Note: 2nd tier here. Two month layoff..
7. Real Impulsive- Mayor over Tim Tetrick and Dave Miller from now on. Lats time was freaky.
6. Booze Crusin- Vet was sharp last time, but, how does he get his best trip here?
3. hi Sir- I love him to win if you think they are at the half in :55 or faster.
5. Megs Boy- In a field of solid horses, some will finish 8th. Form is great.

Race 8
8. Rocket Rosy- Raced huge from bad post in last. Call Back.
1. Together Again N- Reunited with Morgan, and I bet it will feel so good.
3. Fran Luck- Big effort from bad post like top choice in last.
4. Shaker Rei- Beat bottom level in last. Will not get qtr pole move here, but, could get speed duel she likes to stalk.
7. Scarlet Pandemic- Back on her favorite service, got the confidence booster in last.
6. Valentina De Vie-Good first over try in latest. Doubt Lundell roughs up 3 yr old.
2. KJ’s Caroline- Good speed try in latest. These are a bit better.
5. A Mean Hurricane- Form was ok at OD, this is better bunch.
9. Little Miss WooHoo- Ocean Success forces here over her head here. Fits NW 4,000
Race 9
5. Movie Idol- Solid final quarters with not much reward at Chester. Last time was good here.
1. Dalhousie Dave- JROB might front them as far as he can go.
7. Lislea Pat Solid try last time to get win. Driver made great move to do so.
6. Firecracker Freddy- Q was less than inspiring. Is better than that and Milby Choice.
8. Rebel Soldier- Shows no wins and gapped time on card. Often first over. Fast enough to win though.
2. Lyons Meandragon- One of three who get in on AE Clause NW 9. Huge effort 3 starts back on half.
9. St. Lads He Man- Freaky fast for ¾ but how does he get lead from 2nd tier?
4. Igotyourcrazy- Shocked he didn’t get claimed at Scioto. Will need bigger effort here.
3. Acelo Hanover- Yes I picked Morgan last again.
Race 10
1.Restless Native shows losses to Open Pace foes. Good spot here.
5.Change Your Luck- Liked the effort last time. Will try for value play here.
9. A Wild Impulse- Could be well placed behind 1.
8. Missed Opportunity – Beaten by better in last but now bad post.
7. Yankee Crossfire- Stalker better suited for this track. Don’t discount on ticket.
3. Tidewater Titan- Needed breather. Will he be ready?

2. Scirocco Billy- Picks up Morgan. That’s a plus.
6. Blissful Silence- Beaver left last time, could do so here too.
4. Scenic Hall- 0-15 needs to find form.
Race 11
8. Pop A Top Pop- Maine and Massachusetts miles were good enough for me.
6. Caerleaon Hanover – Part of a hug summer in claiming game for Chick and Lare. 0-28???
1. Samcro- Computer doesn’t like, but, I do. Could front these are work nice trip from rail.
4. Show Stopping- Style fits bigger track. On board 11-24.
3. Steady Pulse- Off nearly 3 months. But talented.
9. Golly Me- JROB and form was good at Ocean til he got parked in latest.
7. Kings Treasure- 1-18 but could pick up some pieces late.
2. Card Hustler- Came from Way back last time and won in final stride.
Race 12
2. Varsity Hanover- This is what we have all wondered about. Morgan on board. 1:50.2?
1. Talbot Redneck- Could he front Varsity Hanover or vice versa?
5. Just Bettor. Could be better in 2nd start back.
3. Main A Dieu Too- Barn has struggled of late. 1-22 but has to be Superfecta inclusion.
4. happy New Year- Has faced good foes and tired on lead in last.
6. Down and Dirty- 2nd start for new barn, better?
8. Olive to Party- Last was eye popper.
9. Doomsday Hanover- Usually likes front, but, 2nd tier and almost 3 months between starts.
7. Beginners Luck- Does Plante leave?If not, likely doesn’t get into it..

 on: Today at 08:16:51 AM 
Started by Mary Ann - Last post by honest & balanced terry
Found this surprising that "Indiana has lost more than $110 million in casino gambling revenue". They say it is due to "increased competition from neighboring states, and riverboat owners say they need to find ways to make the sites more competitive."

Time to lower taxes and take money back from "the children" so as to keep up profit margins for casino investors. Damn kids are probably all lazy undeserving poor anyhow. They've served their purpose, as the excuse to get the casinos legalized.

 on: Today at 08:11:55 AM 
Started by APCD Dan - Last post by honest & balanced terry
Unfortunately they'll pay the 25K and go run in Indiana for 30K.  It's going to get ugly here.

They're going to claim the very same horse in October that they haven't already claimed in July or August or September, just because it's running for lower purses?

 on: Today at 08:04:07 AM 
Started by Mary Ann - Last post by Mary Ann
Found this surprising that "Indiana has lost more than $110 million in casino gambling revenue". They say it is due to "increased competition from neighboring states, and riverboat owners say they need to find ways to make the sites more competitive."

"August marked the 24th straight month with a year-over-year decline in statewide winnings, according to the Indiana Gaming Commission. The total win, which is the casinos’ gambling revenue after payouts, was $199.5 million, down 4.7 percent from August 2013."

"The August win at Hoosier Park in Anderson was $18.6 million, down slightly from a year ago. Indiana Grand in Shelbyville brought in $20.8 million, down from $21.8 million a year ago.
The racinos only have slot machines. Keeler said Centaur will ask lawmakers once again in 2015 to allow them to add live table games.
Keeler said the racinos are feeling some effects from the proliferation of video lottery terminals in Illinois. The Columbus, Ohio, area also has several racetracks with video lottery."

"Whether Indiana lawmakers are sympathetic next year remains to be seen. They did not seriously consider allowing live table games at the racinos or allowing riverboat casinos to build on land in 2013."

 on: Today at 07:59:25 AM 
Started by handsomeharry76 - Last post by Yonkers1
I dont see it that way a casino at the Commons would crush Monticello. Most people want to gamble, not golf and gamble.

 on: Today at 07:58:54 AM 
Started by sulkyfromouterspace - Last post by the exactorman
Yes Sulky, that is my source for all Brady info Grin
Then again my source for all news and politics is the NY Post thumbs up thumbs up laughing guy

 on: Today at 07:55:56 AM 
Started by cliffyy - Last post by handsomeharry76
It was fun and didn't have any fan issues. The game started like the abears might run them off the field, then a quagmire broke out. 2 things I come away with in this game....
1. Even when Cutler doesn't play "great" long as there's no turnovers its OK.
2. Geno Smith is F'n   ---- B R U T A L.  He threw about 6 good passes all night and I doubt seriously the TV showed just how bad so many of the others were. The Jets remind me of the Bears at the end of Jauron's tenure...good defense but smoke and mirrors on offense.

All in all it was very good...or as I mentioned on FB..."unnecessarily tense". This should have been a laugher.

Jets are going nowhere but getting there quickly

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