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The Jockey Club advises stallion owners that in order to obtain a Service Certificate this year, the stallion's DNA type must be on file with The Jockey Club.

Service Certificates typically are issued by early September to stallion owners who mail their Reports of Mares Bred (RMB's) by the August 1 deadline, although stallion owners who file their RMB's online using Jockey Club InteractiveTM can expect to receive their Service Certificates sooner.

"With 2001 foal registration applications beginning to arrive, it is vital that the remaining stallion owners who have not yet used the DNA hair kits in their possession do so in order to eliminate potential delays in the registration of their progeny," said Jockey Club registrar, Edward A. "Buddy" Bishop. "Until we have a DNA type on file, we cannot parentage verify or register any of a stallion's 2001 progeny and will not be issuing its Service Certificates for this year's breeding activity."

Submission of RMB's is the first step in the registration process for foals of 2002 and timeliness in submitting the reports has a vital bearing on the subsequent issue of Service Certificates and Foal Registration papers.

Owners and breeders can sign up for Jockey Club Interactive™, available at no charge, through the Interactive Registry icon on The Jockey Club home page, located at Otherwise, completed reports should be mailed to The Jockey Club, 821 Corporate Drive, Lexington, KY 40503-2794.




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