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An open letter to ITHA Board Members

By now you have seen our press release listing the questionable activities of Joe Kasperski and others in the ITHA office. There were 5 monthly credit card examples attached to that release for your review. However, our complete audit of the records provided to us indicates that this has gone on for at least 6 years and represents a significant amount of ITHA funds apparently used for personal expenses.

We are demanding that you remove Kasperski for cause at your February 6th Board meeting. You have the power, as well as the obligation, to do so, as outlined in Article VII Section 2 of the Bylaws. His elected term expired 12-1-05.

We are also demanding that you recognize Christine Janks as interim president elected on 12-17-05 at a special meeting of members in accordance with Aricle V Section 3 of the Bylaws. She will serve with no salary until a regular election can be held this spring. There were 5 other directors elected to replace those whose term also expired.

It is time the Board steps up and acts for the good of the ITHA. We assume there was no knowledge of these irregularities or complicity on the part of any Board member. We will be meeting with the States Attorney and the IRS in the near future to ensure a complete investigation, as all improper charges appear to be taxable income to the recipient(s).

Concerned ITHA Members
Jan Ely




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