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A large number of owners and trainers who are members of the Illinois Thoroughbred Horseman's Association have asked the Illinois Attorney General's Office to investigate the actions of the ITHA president, Joe Kasperki, and the Board of Directors for their failure to hold the December 1, 2005 election as provided in the Bylaws.

Mr. Kasperski and the Board of Directors have unilaterally extended their term of office from 2 years to 3 years with total disregard of the ITHA Bylaws and Illinois State Statute, specifically, the General Not For Profit Act of 1986. Members have questioned certain expenditures as well as Kasperski's failure to produce corporate records to members. Two Board members have resigned in protest and two other alternates have refused to serve.

What would prevent Mr. Kasperski and the Board from unilaterally deciding to extend their terms to 4 years, 5 years, or even longer? In fact, two years ago, Mr. Kasperski, through Board action, established a $40,000 annual compensation for the Office of President. This position has long been an unpaid position in the ITHA.

We are appalled that these actions were taken without ratification of the membership in compliance with the Bylaws. We believe these actions are in direct violation of the Illinois State Statutes and may further jeopardize the not for profit status of the ITHA corporation. These actions place a cloud on the integrity, ethics and credibility of the ITHA, which throughout the years, has sought to enhance and protect Thoroughbred Racing in the State of Illinois. We are seeking a full investigation by the Illinois Attorney General's Office and the immediate removal from office of Mr. Kasperski and Board members whose term expired 12-1-05.

Jan Ely




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