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DAK Productions, Inc. 10/22/04

Contact: Joe Kristufek (312) 399-8277

Help End Horse Slaughter!

By Mandi Kristufek

We are once again asking for your help to eliminate horse slaughtering in the U.S. Too many horses have already been slaughtered in Texas and at the recent opening at Cavel International in Illinois!

In May (HB 649 - Amendment 4) to ban the slaughter of horses in Illinois, passed the State Senate by a vote of 38-15, unfortunately it failed to pass the State House.

In a strong show of support and solidarity for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA), Lone Star Park, Breeders Cup Limited, Churchill Downs, Hawthorne Race Course and other industry organizations have welcomed the opportunity to provide the National Horse Protection Coalition with a table, "trackside" during Breeders Cup week!

The NHPC will be at Lone Star manning the tables on Thursday and Friday prior to the Breeders Cup races and then on Saturday October 30, Breeders Cup day, the table will be staffed by representatives of the anti- horse slaughter movement including:

Fund for Horses
National Horse Protection Coalition
Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
Hooved Animal Humane Society
Texas Humane Legislative Network

There will also be representatives at Hawthorne on BC Day available to help educate people on these atrocities and will feature information on the cruelty of the horse slaughter trade, the AHSPA, Thoroughbred retirement, equine adoption and rescue, and most importantly, what people can do to help the horses!

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