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$250,000 Guaranteed Pick 9 Offered at Hawthorne Race Course

STICKNEY, IL -- Hawthorne's Director of Operations, Thomas F. Carey III has announced that starting Saturday and continuing through the end of the meet, Hawthorne will offer a $250,000 Guaranteed Pick 9 wager.

To win the wager, a fan must select the winner of each of the nine races on a single card. The minimum wager on a straight Pick 9 ticket is $2, but $1 part-wheels are available as well.

If nobody is to select all nine winners on the card for a single ticket, 25 percent of the pool will be paid out as a consolation to those with the most winners on that day's program and 75 percent will be carried over to the next racing card.

If the carryover reaches the $250,000 guaranteed limit, and exceeds it, then the carryover amount will continue until the wager is won.

Carey stated, "It always helps to dangle a carrot out there to attract new players. Next year we will be changing to a split schedule and I have some additional wagering oriented promotions in mind to make our races stand out."

In 2001, Hawthorne will be racing from May 1 - June 10 and October 31 - December 31.




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