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Hawthorne stakes quotes

Lightning Jet Stakes

E.T. Baird (winner, Magic Doe): "This horse and I really get along. Everything went well, we couldn't think about going with those horses that broke on the lead, so we just settled in and let them come back to us. Turning for home, I was clear and had a bunch of horse and just went on with it. Jimmy (trainer Jim Eckrosh) is amazing! His horses are running very well and he's a pleasure to ride for."

Randy Meier (2nd place, Sweet Baby James): "He might have been just a bit short. I was supposed to ride him last time (Crafty Don at AP, originally scheduled for turf) but they had entered him on the turf and I was also named on Royal Tramp, who's probably better on turf. So the sun is shining and it's beautiful outside and they take the race off the turf. Oh well. I knew I'd get him back when I came back from my injury. I've been aboard for all of his wins (nine) and I rode his mother. The owners are really great people. He'll win next time."

Illinois Coronet Handicap

Lupe Macias (3rd, Beboppin Baby): "He had a perfect trip. It had been a while since he ran last, so he may have gotten a bit tired, but it wasn't a bad effort for him at all."

Alfredo Juarez, Jr. (winner, Chicago Six): "He was the best! The trip was perfect and he did everything well. He still had something left, but I didn't need to ask him for anything more, he was just the best."

Chris Emigh (2nd Mister Volare): "The pace was a bit slower than we would have liked. We were far closer early than I thought we would be. He's an entirely different horse on the turf, but he gave a good account of himself."

Brian Williamson (Asst trainer, Mr Volare): "We have one more race for him this year, the $100,000 High Alexander Stakes on December 9. This race should have set him up perfectly.

Sun Power Stakes

Chris Emigh (beaten favorite, Apple Dapple): "He might have bled a little bit.. I tried to slow down in the first quarter but he was a little rank, he really wanted to go. I got him to relax on the turn but he wanted to get out a little bit. He didn't quit but he didn't really pick it back up."

Eduardo Perez (winner, Crack The Vault): "He ran very well. Going down the backstretch he was well placed and making the turn, I had a bunch of horse under me. I think there may be even a bit more in him and if he stays healthy, he could turn out to be a very good horse."

Powerless Stakes

Alfredo Juarez Jr. (3rd pl, Olyana): "I thought we had the race but she started breathing funny, with a little coughing. I think it cost us a little bit."

Chris Valovich (winner, Q.P. Cat): "She definitely liked the surface and has been running very well into this race. She settled down nicely on the backside and when the speed started coming back, I knew she had a shot. She's been doing good and this was the best effort that I've seen out of her for the mounts I've had on her."

Showtime Deb Stakes

Earlie Fires (2nd place, Baby Ego): "Everything went the way we planned except the last part of it. Thought we had it won when we turned for home but I think she came up a bit short on me. She hasn't run in awhile and she didn't have a race over this racetrack We were drawing away turning for home and I thought we were OK until the last sixty or seventy yards, then she was just empty."

Alfredo Juarez Jr. (beaten favorite, One Regal Cat): "She ran good. She broke well from the gate and coming around the turn she got a little tired. It wasn't a bad race for her, she just got a bit tired."

Gregory Schaefer (winner, Bongo Bobbie): "She was a little green in the gate, so when the gates sprung she just kind of fell out of it. Once she got running, she had a ton behind her and just ran by the bunch. She was entered for a special weight race last week, but had a bit of a shin problem and got scratched, so today was the next best thing available. I was very happy with her performance."

Illini Princess Handicap

Eusebio Razo, Jr. (2nd, Royal Bandita): "She broke a bit slow out of the gate and then we got caught a bit wide into the first turn, but turning for home I knew we has some horse left. She was running, but when the other horse (Wade For Me) came up to her, that filly just looked like she was doing things without effort. I can't complain, we were just beat by a better filly today."

Carlos Silva (3rd, Faccia Bella): "We got into a little trouble on the first turn. My filly wanted to take off but had no place to go and we checked a little. But, when we turned for home I thought we were going to win it."

Chris Emigh (winner, Wade For Me): "There weren't really any excuses in the last couple but she ran her heart out today.. It was a big race considering we got into trouble like we did. A hole opened in front of us and we tried to go through but it closed up right away and we had to check. But then it opened again and we went through easily. She was stretching out nicely."

Brian Williamson (asst trainer Wade For Me): "This was her final race. She'll be shipped to Kentucky and bred. Nancy (Vanier) decided at the end of last year that this would be her final year of racing.

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