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Lesser Takeout, $100,000 Guaranteed Pick 6 Opens Hawthorne Spring Meet

STICKNEY, IL - Today Hawthorne's Director of Operations, Thomas F. Carey III, announced that Hawthorne will be offering a lower takeout on all wagers placed on Hawthorne races on-site and wagers placed out-of-state on Hawthorne races as well. The lesser takeout will be 2% on all wagers offered at Hawthorne, excluding the $100,000 Guaranteed Pick 6 wager.

The take-out on single horse wagers will drop from 17% to 15%. Two horse exotics will drop from 20.5% to 18.5% and exotics requiring three or more horses will drop from 25% to 23%. The lower takeout will be in effect for the entire spring meeting at Hawthorne which runs from May 1 - June 10.

In addition to the lesser takeout, Hawthorne will also offer a $100,000 Guaranteed Pick 6 starting on opening day. The $2 wager will cover races 3 - 8 and will entail a person picking the winner of each of the six races on the same ticket. If no ticket contains all six winners, a consolation pool will be paid out and the wager will carry over to the next racing day.

"On the reduction in takeout, our intent is to give the players something back regardless of their level of play," Carey said. "It will definitely put more money back into their pockets and increase the churn. As far as the Pick Six, we experimented with a Pick Nine last fall, and frankly, it was too difficult. With a few days of the pot building, our guaranteed Pick Six will hopefully get us some heightened national notice."

"Racing in Chicago will have an opportunity to gain national prominence as we will be offering turf racing earlier than Chicago has ever had it with our May 1 start. That, along with the running of our two premiere races and the Triple Crown should make things very exciting," stated Carey. "With the addition of the lower takeout and the Pick 6, we will be able showcase our spring meet across the country."

Hawthorne Race Course will be racing a split meeting in 2001. Racing days in the spring are May 1 - June 10, Friday through Tuesday. Live racing will also be held on Wednesday June 6. In the fall, racing will take place October 31 - December 31, Wednesday through Sunday. First post will be 1:10 PM daily. For more information, contact Hawthorne Race Course at 708-780-3700.




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